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Rainy Day Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Repairing a Dirty, Wet Crawlspace in Everett, WA

This crawlspace in Everett, WA, was leaking and bringing in rodents from the outside. We fixed their nasty crawlspace by waterproofing it with a combination of our interior drainage system and SmartSump pump. The entire area was encapsulated using our 20mil thick CleanSpace vapor barrier.

Water in Crawlspace Under Newer Arlington, WA Home

After recently purchasing their home in Arlington, WA, Brett and Heidi found water leaking in the crawlspace underneath. To ensure the longevity of their purchase and protect the home for the future, they contacted the experts here at Rainy Day to resolve the issue. Ryan Adams was the System Design Specialist for this project. He out laid the customized plan, which included implementing a new interior drainage channel at the perimeter of the crawlspace to capture groundwater. Our Production crew installed a TripleSafe sump pump system, which is equipped to handle pumping thousands of gallons of water per hour. Then, we fully encapsulated the crawlspace in our CleanSpace encapsulation system. This serves as a highly durable vapor barrier, prevents mold and allergens, and with the help of a SaniDry dehumidifier, will maintain proper humidity levels. Now, Heidi and Brett can enjoy the comfort of a dry, healthy crawlspace and a cleaner, more energy efficient home.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation and Drainage in Arlington, WA

When they purchased their home in Arlington, this homeowner knew the crawl space needed a complete overhaul. It had an old vapor barrier with moisture on top, rodents, and bad insulation. To create a healthy and protected space under the home, we sent Jean-Paul Holcomb to design a proposal. He developed a system to address the moisture, mold, and rodents. Our long-term solution comes with a guarantee and will help save energy in the process. Check out the full photo gallery for this project here.

Covering and Insulating Crawl Space in Arlington, WA

This Arlington, Washington crawl space had a problem with old insulation groundwater, and musty odors. Rainy Day came and did a full clean-out, then we covered the crawl space in our CleanSpace Encapsulation System. Our system seals out the odor with a thick antimicrobial material while helping to retain heat in the home, saving energy consumption.

Musty Odors and Repair in Arlington, WA Crawlspace

To stop odors in this musty crawl space, we cleaned out and encapsulate it using our CleanSpace system. CleanSpace is the key to sealing out the draft and odors from a typical vented crawl space. The homeowners get the benefit of protecting their home without the fear of high energy consumption.

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