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Rainy Day Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Mold and Rodents in Crawl Space Concrete, WA

Mold in the insulation was a growing concern in this crawl space in Concrete. Joan, the homeowner, was preparing to sell the home knew the problems under her home was holding things back. Floors in the home were sagging and there was also a rodent problem. We installed 1096 feet of our CleanSpace Light vapor barrier to protect the crawl space and seal out the moist, humid air. To lift the sagging floors, we installed our SmartJack support. SmartJacks will stabilize the sagging floors and are fully adjustable for the the future.

Clinton Crawl Space Encapsulation

This Clinton home had previously been remodeled and they were having problems with their new wooden floor cupping. An inspector informed them that the cause was high humidity below the home. The crawl space was enclosed when they bought the home, but new vents were added during the remodeling process. They were contributing greatly to the high humidity in the crawl space and ultimately the home.

To prevent humidity and moisture vapor in the crawl space, we encapsulated the space in a highly durable lining called CleanSpace. The lining is made up of high and low density polyethylene, in addition to two layers of polyester cord reinforcement. It also features an antimicrobial agent called UltraFresh. We then installed a SaniDry CX Dehumidifier to further control the moisture in the crawl space. 

Before & After Basement Waterproofing in Monroe, WA

Kraig and Janel were dealing with periodic leaking during heavy rain in their Monroe basement. The seepage through the walls was a major problem and they wanted to get it fixed. We solved the leak using our basement DryTrak Basement Drainage System. DryTrak is noninvasive and installed above ground. The practical design safely rids the basement of water seepage to ensure the area stays dry.

Oak Harbor, WA Basement to Beautiful

Imagine if your basement started flooding every time it rained. That was the reality for Richard in his Oak Harbor, WA home until Rainy Day came to save the day. With water creeping in, mold started growing making his basement unappealing. We went right to work at Richard’s home and began addressing the moisture issues by placing a WaterGuard drainage system. Similar to a French drain, WaterGuard collects water and directs it to the TripleSafe sump pump chamber. We then installed insulated EverLast Wall Panels throughout the basement, transitioning the area to an aesthetically pleasing living space. The materials used in our panels are moisture resistant to prevent further damage and maximum protection to the area. We finished with new, water-resistant flooring throughout the basement.

Fixing Creaky Floors and Musty Odors in Burlington, WA Crawl Space

Diane of Burlington, WA, was tired of floors creaking and an odor emitting from her nasty crawl space. She contacted Rainy Day and we were able to install and attach our CleanSpace encapsulation system throughout the area. She now enjoys fresh air and a clean, dry crawl space!

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