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Mill Creek Crawl Space Encapsulation

Mill Creek Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Mill Creek Crawl Space Encapsulation Mill Creek Crawl Space Encapsulation

This crawl space desperately needed a new vapor barrier. The preexisting one was covered in dirt, missing in some places and was no longer serving its purpose. We encapsulated the crawl space with a highly durable lining called CleanSpace. The 20 mils. thick lining seals the space and greatly reduces moisture and humidity. 

Drainage Installed in Bothell Crawl Space

Drainage Installed in Bothell Crawl Space

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Drainage Installed in Bothell Crawl Space Drainage Installed in Bothell Crawl Space

The homeowners of this Bothell house were concerned about the condition of their crawl space. It was missing an adequate vapor barrier and had fallen insulation, it also had moisture problems in the past. We installed a new 6 mils. black vapor barrier to help keep the moisture vapor to a minimum. Drainage trenching was added to capture any ground water and prevent standing water from pooling underneath the new vapor barrier. The drainage led to the TripleSafe Sump Pump we installed.

The TripleSafe incorporates three pumps in one and offers the homeowner the most protection. Finally, we added a LawnScape outlet. The LawnScape is a discrete buried discharge line that will direct the unwanted water away from the foundation of the home. 

Moisture Problems Fixed in Mill Creek, WA, Crawl Space

Moisture Problems Fixed in Mill Creek, WA, Crawl Space

Before After
Moisture Problems Fixed in Mill Creek, WA, Crawl Space Moisture Problems Fixed in Mill Creek, WA, Crawl Space

Tim and Kathy were having moisture problems in their Mill Creek, WA, home, so they decided to get their free inspection from Rainy Day. After providing a quote, we determined it would be best to redirect the incoming water through a newly installed drainage system. We added our TripleSafe sump pump system to handle all their future leaks. Our TripleSafe comes with a built-in battery backup that allows pumping to continue, even during power outages. We laid down piping and encapsulated the entire crawl space using CleanSpace, making sure to seal off the edges and wrap the piers. Moisture problems are a thing of the past for the couple, now that they have had their system installed by Rainy Day!

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BBB A+ Rating
Rainy Day Basement Systems boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and enjoys perfect customer satisfaction with stellar... [Read more]
Installed 1 Million Sq. Ft. of CleanSpace
At the 2017 IMPACT Convention, the Rainy Day Basement System team were awarded for having installed 1 million square feet... [Read more]
EnerBank USA 2023 Star Performer Award
Rainy Day Basement Systems has been recognized by EnerBank USA as a 2023 Star Performer.... [Read more]
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Bothell, WA Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair Company

Crawl space looks great and smells good too! Kevin is such a hard worker. He worked by himself for several days....
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Reviews From Bothell
Testimonials From Bothell
I felt the need to comment more than a basic questionnaire. (Besides, my penmanship really sucks.) I would...
Testimonial by Frank C. from Bothell, WA
Everyone I talked to was very nice and followed up.
Testimonial by Mario T. from Mill Creek, WA
I liked the system and the salesman explained the detail well.
Testimonial by Phil and Grace S. from Mill Creek, WA

Expert Crawl Space & Wet Basement Repair Services

It's no secret that Washington State is one of the rainiest regions in the country. With an average annual precipitation of more than 42 inches, Bothell, WA, basement flooding, crawl space moisture, and water damage issues are typical. 

Whether you've already got water issues in your basement or crawl space or want to protect your home against future damage, Rainy Day Basement Systems can help. We are Bothell's expert for all things under the home! We offer a range of basement waterproofing and crawl space repair solutions, including drainage, encapsulation, moisture control, sump pump installation, insulation installation, structural repair, mold prevention, and more. We are an experienced Bothell waterproofer, equipped to diagnose your basement or crawl space issues and provide a long-lasting solution. Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate.

Bothell, WA Crawl Space Moisture Control & Structural Repair

Unfortunately, Bothell crawl spaces are prone to mold, pests, and other hazardous conditions. If you've got mold, rot, or signs of structural issues in your crawl space, you have to worry about these problems leading to poor air quality, discomfort, unlevel floors, cracks in the walls, or other symptoms.  At Rainy Day Basement Systems, our specialists have the experience, training, and expertise to diagnose crawl space moisture problems and design and install proper drainage, moisture and humidity control, and crawl space materials.

Our Crawl Space Repair Products & Solutions:

  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space drainage system
  • Crawl space dehumidifier
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space support jacks
  • And more!

Get started on your crawl space encapsulation or repair by scheduling a free crawl space repair estimate in the Bothell area.

Wet Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Bothell, WA

The precipitation in Bothell, including frequent and heavy rain and snowmelt, can easily lead to basement flooding and water damage. Other sources of water or moisture in the basement include damaged basement windows, poor yard grading, leaky foundation cracks, saturated soils around the foundation, plumbing failures, or faulty or poorly-designed drainage or sump pump systems.


Don't wait until the next storm to protect your home. We offer high-quality basement waterproofing products and long-lasting solutions to address underlying basement water issues, prevent future water damage, and improve indoor air quality. We have helped Bothell homeowners solve their wet basement problems with expert waterproofing and flood prevention products and solutions.

Our Basement Repair Solutions:

  • Interior Basement Waterproofing
  • Sump Pump System Installation
  • Energy-Efficient Dehumidifiers
  • WaterGuard Drainage System
  • Air Purification
  • Basement Crack Repair
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Basement Insulation

Don't wait! Contact us today for long-lasting solutions from a trusted basement waterproofer and Bothell, WA crawl space repair contractor. When you schedule an inspection of your basement or crawl space, you'll receive a free book explaining why basement or crawl space problems happen and how to fix them, a custom design solution, and a free, no-obligation estimate.

Case Studies From Bothell
Damon’s home in Bothell, Washington, leaked periodically during heavy rains. Eventually, this caused rot and mold to grow in his crawlspace. He...
Phil and Grace S. used the free quote link on our website to let us know they needed a new vapor barrier in their crawl space. The preexisting vapor...
Tim and Kathy were having serious problems with their crawl space filling up with water after long periods of rain, and in Washington, that happened...
Job Stories From Bothell, WA
Bothell, WA Crawl Space Supports

Stefan sought a solution to address the sagging floors in his home, aiming to support them for the installation of a weight room. Rainy Day Basement Systems' Design Specialist, Ed, conducted a thorough inspection and provided an estimate for the necessary repairs. Upon assessment, he determined that the optimal solution would involve supporting the floors from the crawl space using SmartJack Crawl Space Stabilizers. Crafted from galvanized steel, these adjustable posts effectively bear the home's load and stabilize sagging floors. With the installation of five SmartJacks, Stefan's home will be supported and secure, ensuring a safe environment for his new weight room.

Crawl Space Mold Prevention in Bothell, WA

Virginia B. of Bothell, Washington, called Rainy Day with concerns about mold in her crawl space. She was worried about the indoor air quality and wanted to improve the space under her home by preventing mold, replacing the vapor barrier, improving the conditions, and protecting her home from rot. She often used the area for storage, but moisture issues made safe storage difficult. She was also concerned about the integrity of the home.
Rainy Day set up an appointment for Zachariah to meet with Virginia to evaluate the crawl space and determine the best way to fix it. He designed a solution that met all of her needs in the long term.
David's crew installed a SmartSump pump system connected to a discharge line outside the home. They also encapsulated the area using a CleanSpace 20 mil liner. The CleanSpace encapsulation system seals the space to make it dry and prevents moisture, mold, and pest intrusion. To keep the humidity low and condition the space, they installed a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier, which clears out the airborne contaminants.
With a newly cleaned and encapsulated crawl space, Virginia can rest easy knowing her home is healthy and protected for the long haul.

Free Crawl Space Inspection in Bothell, WA

Ken from Bothell was interested in fixing his crawl space. He had moisture, and was most concerned about removing mold. We recommended installing our moisture barrier, drainage, and sump pump system. Isolating the home from the damp earth below will help seal out mold and prevent moisture damage long-term.

Creating Storage with Encapsulation in Bothell, WA Crawlspace
Sean was looking to increase the storage space in his home through using his crawlspace. He saw what Rainy Day could do, so gave us a call. We sent out Ed Upenieks to design a new encapsulation system for his home in Bothell. We cleaned, insulated, and sealed the crawl space in CleanSpace and Foamax. Then, We installed our SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to keep humidity low. Now he can safely store his belongings under his home.
For a free inspection and estimate, call today to schedule at 1-833-988-3570.
Musty Smells in Bothell, WA Crawl Space

Liviu from Bothell was dealing with a bad odor in their crawl space. They were unsure of what was going on under the home, so they requested our help. The crawl space had lots of moisture above the vapor barrier and an overloaded sump pump. We installed our crawl space drainage channel along the inside perimeter at the wall/floor joint. We connected that to a newly installed SuperSump Plus sump system to better handle the volume of water coming in. Now, the home is dry and protected.

For a free estimate for your crawl space or basement, call today to schedule at 1-833-988-3570.

Water in Bothell, WA Crawl Space

Royce's crawl space started having water seepage, which made its way into his basement with about an inch of standing water during the recent heavy rain. He and his family never wanted to have to deal with flooding again, so we designed a solution ensure it stays dry. We installed crawl space drainage to collect water from the perimeter of the area. We installed our TripleSafe sump pump at the low spot to handle high volumes of water with ease. The space was encapsulated using 1012 square feet of CleanSpace, our 7-layer vapor barrier. The system will address the major problem areas to ensure no more damage is done and the home is protected.

For a free crawl space inspection, call today to schedule at 1-833-988-3570.

Crawl Space Moisture Barrier in Bothell, WA
Lisa and Todd were planning to sell their home in Bothell. During a pre inspection, they found out the vapor barrier in the crawl space needed replacing. They contacted Rainy Day for a free estimate.
Design Specialist, Ryan Adams, proposed we first clean out their crawl space. Then, he recommended installing a 6 Mil black poly vapor barrier. Next, we would fill their Positive Drain with concrete to prevent future water from coming in. Once complete, this project will help bring the home up to speed and ready for sale.
For a free inspection and estimate, call today to schedule at 1-833-988-3570.
Work Requests From Bothell, WA
Project Location: Bothell, WA
We learned that our sump pump may be pumping water back into our crawl space. We may also need the crawl space repaired.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Water in crawlspace. Sump pump not working effectively
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Looking to install an internal drainage system within walls of perimeter of family and laundry room in half-basement to prevent flooding problems with foundation walls.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
My sump pump failed and u have a large amount of water in my crawl space
Project Location: Bothell, WA
I would like to get quote for crawl base cleaning and insulation replacement.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
We get water in our basement a couple times a year when it rains, looking for solutions to this problem.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
After the heavy snow and rain I discovered my basement floor is wet about 3 feet around the fireplace.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Hello, I have a rental house in Bothell WA. Recently we got water seeping into the basement. Originally, I thought it is a leaking pipe but now it seems like the water is coming from the outside. I am looking for a company that can diagnose the problem and offer a solution, ideally a way to divert the water away from the house. Is that something you do? What can you offer and how much do you charge for it? Regards, Alex
Project Location: Bothell, WA
I noticed that a couple boards on the floor in my kitchen were cupping. Which prompted me to peek in the crawlspace. The vapor barrier beneath that area appears to have been moved. I could also see a small (~1 square foot) puddle of water in the middle. The house was built in 2011, original crawlspace. No known rodent issues, etc.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Doing the work myself, I cleaned and replaced the crawl-space insulation and vapor barrier twice. The Rat Chase is never-ending. I replaced the sump pump and piping two years ago. My daughter won't let me crawl under the house anymore, so if I could get an estimate to do what needs to be done, along with providing options currently available, that would be great. I think it is about 1,100 SF, but I could be a smidge off. If you can give an old paint contractor a Jobber Price, I would not argue against that stellar idea! Old Bob
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Insulation has been removed from crawl, but rodent droppings remain. We need clean-up, rodent proofing and encapsulation.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
There has been previous rodent damage to the insulation and vapor barrier. I am also looking to replace the crawl space access door for a more secure closure. Thank you!
Project Location: Bothell, WA
My crawlspace has water from all the rain and the insulation is damaged from moister and rodents.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
I would like options on crawlspace repairs and sub pump replacement. standing water in crawlspace needs removal as well.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Recently had insulation removed in the crawl space under my dining room, adjacent 1/2 bath and some of our foyer. Looking for an estimate and approximate availability. Thanks Jennifer
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Crawl space under addition was flooded (18 months ago) and all insulation removed. The space is dry. You did my attic in March 2019
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Standing water in crawl space
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Wanted to do an inspection of crawl space to see if everything is clean.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Crawlspace has had rats. Duct wraps are falling apart, and vapor barrier was apparently never correct. Need cleanup.
Project Location: Bothell, WA
Complete plastic encapsulation of our crawl space and replacing the duct work insulation.
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