Basement & Crawl Space Insulation in Washington State

Insulation solutions for:

  • Exterior foundation walls
  • Crawl space walls
  • Basement floors
  • Crawl space floors
  • Concrete slabs
  • Dirt crawl spaces

Enjoy a more comfortable home and lower heating & cooling costs

Are you tired of chilly floors in the winter? Is your basement too cold or too moist at certain times of the year? Is it costing you too much money to heat your home in the winter? Do you have a crawl space that’s damp, dirty, and moldy? Installing the right kind of insulation can solve these problems.

Here at Rainy Day Basement Systems, we offer a variety of options for insulating your foundation. All of the insulation products we install are designed to withstand water and moisture and provide you with greater comfort from the ground up.

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Insulating crawl space with foam insulation

SilverGlo® insulation on crawl space walls.

Crawl space insulation in Washington State

It’s smart to include insulation in the crawl space encapsulation process. While encapsulation seals the crawl space to prevent outside air and moisture from entering, it doesn’t stop major heat loss through the walls and floor of your crawl space. That’s a job for crawl space insulation.

We don’t recommend insulating the crawl space with fiberglass batts. Batts will absorb moisture, compress, fall onto the crawl space floor and encourage mold growth.

Crawl Space Insulation Floor

TerraBlock™ crawl space floor insulation creates higher energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

The best way to insulate your crawl space is to install SilverGlo® rigid foam insulation against crawl space walls. SilverGlo® is an expanded foam insulation infused with graphite, making it 24% more effective. SilverGlo® can be customized to your crawl space and is coined as both a versatile and economical solution.

Crawl space floor insulation

Rainy Day Basement Systems offers TerraBlock™ foam insulation, an excellent choice for your crawl space floor. TerraBlock™ insulation offers high R-value, stability, and durability. TerraBlock™ won’t absorb moisture, support mold, or deteriorate over time. Insist on SilverGlo® and TerraBlock™ products if you want to insulate once and do it right.

Basement insulation in Everett, Marysville, Bothell & nearby

Many homes have basement insulation in the form of fiberglass batts that are installed between basement ceiling joists. Unfortunately, this treatment only insulates the floor above; it does nothing to make your basement more comfortable and energy efficient.

Insulating and finishing basement walls

Insulating & finishing made simple. Basement to Beautiful panels provides basement wall insulation and waterproof steel framing in a single step.

For basement insulation that makes your basement more comfortable and your entire home more energy-efficient, you can’t beat the performance and value of our Basement to Beautiful® wall panels. These innovative panels combine high-performance SilverGlo® rigid foam insulation and steel nailing flanges that make it easy to install finished wallboard. 

Another high-performance product for your basement walls is Foamax, a new and innovative wall panel system for your below-grade space. Foamax is a foam insulation panel with a white foil finish on the front. Both attractive and effective, Foamax is one of Rainy Day Basement Systems's favorite basement wall insulation options.

Insulated basement subfloor installation in Marysville

Protection & insulation in one step. For basement floor insulation that includes waterproof floor underlayment, choose ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™.

Basement floor insulation

Do you want to install a finished floor in your basement? If so, talk to your Basement Systems contractor about ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking.

By combining rigid foam floor insulation with a waterproof composite panel, ThermalDry® floor decking enables your installer to install floor insulation and sheathing in a single step.

Say goodbye to cold, clammy basement floors when you choose ThermalDry® floor panels. Installing ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™ is the perfect preparation for the finished floor of your choice.

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We can help you start from the ground up to improve your home. By creating a dry, comfortable space below your home, you can improve the condition of your living space above. We provide waterproofing and insulation services to customers in Everett, Marysville, Bothell, and many areas of Washington.

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