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Before and After Pictures from Ferndale
Sump Pump Service in Ferndale, WA

Sump Pump Service in Ferndale, WA

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Sump Pump Service in Ferndale, WA Sump Pump Service in Ferndale, WA

Every six months or so, clients have their products serviced to maintain them and keep them clean. This is an example of how much material can add up in that amount of time if the space isn't encapsulated, it also shows how Rainy Day leaves it after the service. If your sump looks similar, contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Ferndale, WA

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Ferndale, WA

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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Ferndale, WA Crawl Space Waterproofing in Ferndale, WA

This homeowner in Ferndale had a typical vented crawl space. She was interested in sealing the crawl space from outside air, pests, and moisture. After learning about our systems, she knew we were going to be the right contractor to protect her home with our proven solutions.

We installed our complete crawl space waterproofing system for her. This included installing Foamax wall insulation and our thick, durable CleanSpace vapor barrier. To keep humidity low enough to prevent mold and moisture, we put in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier.

After seeing the before and after photos from her completed project, she said, "Thanks so much - great pictures - well, if a crawlspace can be great, which is what you guys have done." All in a few hard days of work.

Want to protect your home PERMANENTLY from mold, moisture, humidity, and pests? Get a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate. Call today to schedule at


Crawl Space Access Well in Ferndale, WA

Crawl Space Access Well in Ferndale, WA

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Crawl Space Access Well in Ferndale, WA Crawl Space Access Well in Ferndale, WA

Before installing our system in this Ferndale, WA, crawl space, the homeowner had pests entering from a wide opening in the metal access well. Now, with our EverLast Crawl Space Access System, we were able to customize the size of the well to fit the home. Our access well uses heavy-gauge polyethylene that is built to last and will never rust, corrode, rot, or support mold growth.

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Installed 1 Million Sq. Ft. of CleanSpace
At the 2017 IMPACT Convention, the Rainy Day Basement System team were awarded for having installed 1 million square feet... [Read more]
Dan Malsch is Awarded as a Salesman
Awarded Dan Malsch for BizWiz salesman... [Read more]
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Honest Basement Waterproofing & Sump Pump Installation Company in Ferndale, WA

Jean-Paul was very helpful. He spent plenty of time explaining and answering our questions. Xavier & the crew were very...
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Reviews From Ferndale
Testimonials From Ferndale
Friendly and worked hard. Liked the concept, wanted a cleaner crawl because furnace is down there.
Testimonial by Edwin and Suzanne T. from Ferndale, WA
Very excellent. Dan did a great presentation.
Testimonial by Jim H. from Ferndale, WA
Acted in a professional manner. Thorough and patient. Very satisfied.
Testimonial by Kale and Danielle K. from Ferndale, WA

Trusted basement waterproofing & crawl space repair serving Ferndale, WA

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Ferndale, WA.

Services we offer in Ferndale:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Sump pump installation and repair services.
  • Annual maintenance on your sump pump from our professionals.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Ferndale, WA
New Construction Waterproofing Crawlspace in Ferndale, WA

We helped Gordon in Ferndale, WA, after he contacted us about his home in Ferndale. The home was new construction, but already and water leaking into the crawlspace. He was very concerned about the dampness and mold. Looking for a fix as soon as possible, we sent our inspector, Ed, out to design a waterproofing system. We set the new homeowner up long-term with drainage, sump pump, and our encapsulation system, to give him the full benefits of a dry, conditioned crawlspace. His new crawlspace will stay dry, energy efficient, and free of mold.

New Construction Waterproofing Crawlspace in Ferndale, WA - Photo 1
Flooded Crawl Space in Ferndale, WA

Gordon from Ferndale, WA, wanted to fix the crawl space in a newly built home. During heavy rain, the crawl space was flooding from groundwater. They wanted to fix it long-term to prevent structural issues later on. After calling Rainy Day, we sent Ed Upenieks, Design Specialist, to provide a thorough inspection and report his findings and solutions. We recommended installing a full-perimeter drainage system and sump pump, as well as encapsulation. With our waterproofing system, the home will stay dry and safe. 

Basement Water in Ferndale, WA

Ryan designed a solution for a couple in Ferndale where water began leaking into their basement. We installed our SuperSump and 76 feet of our flangeless WaterGuard Interior Drainage Channel. The basement will now stay dry with no leaks in sight. 


Sump Pump Install in Ferndale, WA

Sara was getting a lot of water in her crawl space when it rained. They had been pumping the water out, but looking for a simple yet long-term solution to stop the leak. We cleaned out the crawl space and installed our full-perimeter drainage piping and TripleSafe Sump Pump System to keep the crawl space dry.

Sump Pump Install in Ferndale, WA - Photo 1
Seasonal Satnding Water in Ferndale, WA Crawl Space

Ben D. from Ferndale was experiencing problems with seasonal standing water in his crawl space. Despite having it pumped out, he was still on a high water table and had high humidity. To prevent mold, humidity, and fix the standing water problem, we installed our crawl space waterproofing system. Using our CleanSpace vapor barrier, the crawl space was encapsulated to protect and seal out moisture. We installed our TripleSafe sump pump system which will rid the water from the crawl space captured from the drainage channel. The final step to this crawl space repair project was installing a SaniDry Sedona, our energy-efficient dehumidifier, keeping the humidity low and filtering the air.  


Ben no longer has to worry about standing water and is able to live in a house free from mold and moisture. As an added bonus, the new system is efficient enough to help save him on energy costs. 


For a free inspection and estimate, call today to schedule an appointment at 1-833-988-3570.

Seasonal Satnding Water in Ferndale, WA Crawl Space - Photo 1
Ferndale, WA Crawlspace Vapor Barrier and Dehumidifier

Judy’s Ferndale crawlspace was open and vented, leaving opportunity for pests and cold air to circulate through the home. In order to improve the environment in and under her home, she elected the help of Rainy Day. We installed our CleanSpace encapsulation system, closing and sealing the crawlspace from cold, drafty air. This will serve as a vapor barrier and protect from mold and humidity with the help of our SaniDry dehumidifier. Judy can now enjoy a more comfortable home, cleaner air, and protection from moisture damage. 


For a free inspection and estimate, call today to schedule at 1-833-988-3570.

Water Damage Repair in Ferndale Basement

This Ferndale home was having problems with ground water seeping into their finished basement and the water had done damage to their flooring. The owners had a sump pump installed in the past, but it clearly was no longer working.

We replaced their inoperative sump pump with a SuperSump Pump and an UltraSump Battery Back-Up System. The SuperSump is equipped with a high-end 1/3 hp Zoeller cast iron pump capable of pumping 2,650 gallons of water an hour. The back-up system will automatically turn on if for some reason the SuperSump Pump fails to operate, like in the instance of a power outage. To direct the ground water seepage in the basement to the SuperSump, we installed WaterGuard Drainage Trenching along the interior footing of the basement walls. The WaterGuard is surrounded by gravel to filter the ground water and prevent clogging. It also features a unique flange that captures water seepage from the basement walls as well. Finally, we added a LawnScape Outlet, which is a buried discharge line that will discreetly direct the unwanted water away from the home. 

Water Damage Repair in Ferndale Basement - Photo 1
Floor Stabilization in Ferndale Home with SmartJacks

We contacted James and Lola W. after meeting them at the Northwest Washington Fair. The couple lived in a Ferndale home they had built in 1987. They mentioned the floors in their home were no longer level and wanted us to perform a free inspection and estimate. Upon inspection, we found that James and Lola’s pier pads were settling creating a void between the posts and pads. This type of settling is common in residential homes with wooden post and pier foundations and is a significant contributor to sagging floors.

To stabilize and level James and Lola’s home, we replaced all nine of their rotted wooden posts with nine of our SmartJacks. SmartJacks are highly durable galvanized steel piers that are specifically designed to stop settling. They also have an adjustable feature that allows them to raise floors back to their original level, and continue to do so if further settling occurs. 

Work Requests From Ferndale, WA
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
I've been noticing some cracks in my fireplace and uneven floors and am worried that they're might be a foundation issue. There was some flooding last year in my area and I had a neighbor quickly help with getting the sump pump to drain out properly, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. I'm hoping that you work with this sort of thing, if not if you could provide a referral I would appreciate it!
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
A recent home inspection revealed rotting rim joist and other crawl space issues. Repair estimate needed in order to complete work necessary to sell the house
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Hello, we would like to have an estimate for our crawlspace cleaned and have vapor barriers installed. Thank you
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Need new vapor barrier laid down in crawl space. space is approx 32-34in max. And additional quote on a sump pump install and possible new insulation.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Noticing carpet bunching, more creaks in wooden floors, and potentially musty odors. Would like to get things checked out in the crawl space and potentially seal up vents.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
We had flooding in our crawl space last year and we are looking for a quote to remove old insulation, install new plastic in crawl and replace ducting that was trashed during the crawl flooding
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
I would like my crawl space inspected to ensure everything looks good and there are no outstanding issues. I would also like to get an estimate for floor insulation.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Some insulation has fallen down in crawl space. Would like a quote for replacing insulation and/or a separate quote for encapsulating. Would like your opinion on creating a more economical + a dryer/healthier crawl space.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Reseal basement estimate
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
I need a quote for my crawl space to have it cleaned out, and possibly be encapsulated. Do you give estimates in Ferndale?
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Our crawl space insulation needs replacing . Also need help to stop water from entering . I live in Vancouver Canada. I have a beach house at Neptune Beach.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
I have had rats in the crawl space, and insulation is damaged. I think we have the rats taken care of, but i need a quote to reinsulate the crawlspace.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
I have a minor amount of water in my crawl space but it has been worse this year with all the rain. Looking for options to keep it dry.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
My crawlspace is damp and needs a vapor barrier and new insulation, there is a smelll coming into my house from below.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
I have a crawl space that needs to have plastic floor covering replaced and a sump pump installed, I already have a sump pump, it just needs to be put in.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Crawl space was flooded with the recent rain events. The insulation was damaged and there may be damage to duct work. There is still a little bit of standing water. We need the crawl space drained and cleaned, new insulation installed, and a sump pump installed.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
We would like to have our basement sealed/waterproofed. It leaks from multiple places when the ground is saturated due to heavy rains, and we are curious to see how much it would cost.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
I've got a split level house and on extremely rainy days I get water in our basement. Looks like it's coming through the cove joint at 1 corner of the house.
Project Location: Ferndale, WA
Need an estimate for water in crawl space repair

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