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Freeland Crawl Space Waterproofing

Freeland Crawl Space Waterproofing

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Freeland Crawl Space Waterproofing Freeland Crawl Space Waterproofing

Eric and Jodi F. lived in their Freeland home for 10 years. After they moved to California and put their home on the market, it turned out their crawl space flooded during heavy winter rains. Concerned their home wouldn't sell in such a condition, they contacted Rainy Day Basement Systems to waterproof their crawl space so they could get their house back on the market. We installed drainage, a SmartSump Pump and installed a new vapor barrier.

Moisture Damage Prevention in Freeland Crawl Space

Moisture Damage Prevention in Freeland Crawl Space

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Moisture Damage Prevention in Freeland Crawl Space Moisture Damage Prevention in Freeland Crawl Space

This Freeland, WA crawl space had rotting foundation posts and pools of standing water all over the place.

We installed drainage trenching along the interior perimeter of the foundation walls to capture ground water seepage before it reaches the surface. The drainage directs the captured water to the TripleSafe Sump Pump we added. The TripleSafe is equipped with three pumps, including the UltraSump, a battery back-up system that will automatically activate in the event of a power outage or other type of pump failure.

We then encapsulated the crawl space with CleanSpace, a highly durable vapor barrier that greatly reduces moisture and humidity levels. To completely seal the space, CleanSpace Vent Covers and an EverLast Crawl Space door were. Both use weather stripping for an airtight seal and are made from completely inorganic materials that will never rust or grow mold. Lastly, we a SaniDry CX Dehumidifier was installed to give the homeowner ultimate control over the moisture levels in their crawl space.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Freeland, WA

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Freeland, WA

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Freeland, WA Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Freeland, WA

This two story home in Freeland was built into a hill. The layout presents the home with a lovely daylight basement and below grade garage. Unfortunately, the design allowed for a great deal of water seepage to penetrate through the porous concrete walls from the moist crawl space on the other side. The homeowner was bothered by the musty smells that were omitting from her basement, but she was mostly concerned about the potential damage the moisture vapors could cause.

To ease this homeowner’s mind, we installed drainage trenching in the crawl space along the interior perimeter of the foundation walls to absorb the groundwater seepage prior to penetrating her basement walls. The seepage was directed towards the lowest point of the space where we put the SmartSump Pump. Once the ground water was controlled, we needed to prevent moisture vapor from causing damage to wooden floor joists and other organic materials in the space. We encapsulated her crawl space with CleanSpace, a highly effective vapor barrier. The lining is 20 ms thick and has an antimicrobial agent built-in to provide the best protection possible from moisture-related damages. Finally, a SaniDry XP Dehumidifier was installed to offer further moisture control to the homeowner. 

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Rainy Day Basement Systems boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and enjoys perfect customer satisfaction with stellar... [Read more]
Installed 1 Million Sq. Ft. of CleanSpace
At the 2017 IMPACT Convention, the Rainy Day Basement System team were awarded for having installed 1 million square feet... [Read more]
EnerBank USA 2023 Star Performer Award
Rainy Day Basement Systems has been recognized by EnerBank USA as a 2023 Star Performer.... [Read more]
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Expert Basement Waterproofing & Sump Pump Installation Services in Freeland, WA

I was very impressed with the dedication, thoroughness and pride your crew displays. It wasn’t an easy job. Great representation...
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Reviews From Freeland
Testimonials From Freeland
Very satisfied - Ed, Vladimir, Junior, Tyler and Kevin did a good job. Friendly and efficient. They worked...
Testimonial by Bonnie C. from Freeland, WA
Great! Dan was very thorough.
Testimonial by Jean B. from Freeland, WA

Do you have basement flooding, crawl space moisture or mold, cold floors, or other basement or crawl space-related problems? Rainy Day Basement Systems provides Freeland, Washington homeowners with reliable basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, basement insulation, and more. We are the Basement and Crawl Space Specialists, committed to creating a reliable experience for every homeowner who trusts our professionals with their basement or crawl space repair needs.

Whether you need complete basement waterproofing or a moisture-proof crawl space encapsulation system, you can trust us for these solutions and much more!

Our Services include:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Basement and Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Air Purifier Installation
  • Sump Pump Installation & Service
  • Foundation Crack Repairs

Schedule a free estimate to learn more today! We proudly serve Freeland, WA and surrounding areas.

Wet Basement Repair & Waterproofing in Freeland

Wet basements wreak havoc on your home's foundation, and as a homeowner, you want fast, reliable solutions. Rainy Day Basement Systems provides innovative, award-winning, and patented basement waterproofing solutions. We want to remedy your wet basement efficiently to prevent mold growth, structural issues, pest problems, and more. Schedule a free estimate with our trusted professionals today and leave your waterproofing issues in the past!

Our basement waterproofing solutions include:

  • Sump pump installation & maintenance
  • Interior drainage systems
  • Self-draining dehumidifiers
  • Subfloor matting
  • Drywall repair systems
  • And more!

Don’t wait to protect your home against water in the basement! Schedule a free, no-obligation basement waterproofing estimate today.

Freeland crawl space repair & encapsulation solutions

When crawl space moisture problems are left untreated, they can lead to mold growth, wood rot, sagging floors, musty odors, unhealthy indoor air, and discomfort throughout the house. Waterproofing and sealing the crawl space with the right solutions can eliminate odors and provide improved air quality, comfort, energy efficiency, and an overall healthier home.

Our crawl space solutions include:

  • CleanSpace vapor barrier
  • Structural support jacks
  • High-performance dehumidifier
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Crawl space winterization
  • Interior drainage systems and sump pumps

Schedule a free crawl space repair estimate today! We proudly serve Freeland, WA and surrounding areas.

Insulation for your basement or crawl space in Freeland Insulating your basement or crawl space can improve the energy efficiency of your whole home. Whether you have a basement, crawl space, or both, we know to properly air seal and insulate basements and crawl spaces to increase the comfort and durability of the home and provide a drier, usable conditioned space for home occupants, stored items, or HVAC equipment. Our professionals can pinpoint issues and recommend the right solutions based on home your home’s needs that will save you money and prevent comfort and moisture issues in the future.

We offer insulation solutions for:

  • Exterior basement walls
  • Crawl space walls
  • Basement floors
  • Crawl space floors
  • Concrete slabs
  • Dirt crawl spaces

Schedule a free basement or crawl space insulation estimate in Freeland, WA today.

Case Studies From Freeland
Bonnie’s three-story home was built into a hill. This design posed a problem. While her charming home has a lovely daylight basement and...
Within a week of Barbara moving into her Freeland home, she contacted us to come out there to perform a free inspection and estimate. She was...
Eric and Jodi F. lived in their Freeland home for 10 years. During that time, they had no problems with their crawl space. After they moved to...
Job Stories From Freeland, WA
Fixing a Damp Crawl Space (Freeland, WA)

In Freeland, Washington, Steve found himself facing a common homeowner's headache – a damp crawl space. Having resided in the house for about a year, he recognized the potential for this issue to escalate, especially if because he was entertaining the idea of putting the property on the market. Seeking a straightforward remedy, Steve reached out to Rainy Day for assistance.

Our System Design Specialist, Jerry, promptly assessed the situation. After a thorough inspection of the crawl space, he devised a tailored plan to address Steve's concerns. To combat moisture infiltration, we installed specialized drainage pipes within the crawl space interior, complemented by the installation of our SuperSump Plus sump pump system. With these measures in place, Steve's home is now safeguarded against moisture damage for the foreseeable future, ensuring a dry and leak-free environment below his home.

Replacing Sump Pump in Freeland, WA Crawl Space
Diane from Freeland found Rainy Day because her neighbor recommended us. Her existing sump pump was not doing a very good job of getting rid of water in her crawl space. Ed Upenieks provided a free inspection and estimate to design a plan and proposal. He was able to solve the problem with our waterproofing system. This included installing a drainage channel, vapor barrier, and TripleSafe sump pump. Our TripleSafe is able to reliably handle over 6200 gallons of water per hour and has a battery back up pump. Our system will keep her home dry and protected.
Get your free inspection and estimate scheduled today at 1-833-988-3570.

Replacing Sump Pump in Freeland, WA Crawl Space - Photo 1
WaterGuard Drainage System in Wet Freeland, WA Basment

Steve always had problems with his Freeland, WA, basement getting wet during heavy rain. This caused rotting wood down there for as long as he could remember, and he was ready to find a way to control the water coming in for good. Our solution? WaterGuard. This interior basement drainage system is effective in capturing groundwater in leaky basements. The channel dissipates hydrostatic pressure and gives water a way to discharge without overwhelming the rest of the drainage system. Once the water is collected in the WaterGuard, it is automatically pumped outside through the sump pump and out an exterior line. Steve can now enjoy a dry basement during even the heaviest rains.

Is your basement wet? We can fix it! Call us to schedule a free inspection and estimate 1-833-988-3570

WaterGuard Drainage System in Wet Freeland, WA Basment - Photo 1
Waterproofing a Leaking Basement Wall in Freeland

Margaret C. contacted Rainy Day Basement Systems because she began noticing water seeping in on the Northwest wall of the daylight basement in her home. She had lived in her Freeland home for 21 years, during which time she never had any water seepage problems before. However, the wall was leaking frequently leading to pools of water on the floor. Concerned about her home, Margaret was searching for a long term solution.

To help prevent water from pooling in Margaret’s daylight basement, we lined the leaking Northwest wall with CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a highly durable antimicrobial lining made up of high and low density polyethylene and polyester cord. The CleanSpace will effectively reduce the amount of moisture vapor allowed from the wall. We also installed WaterGuard at the footing of the wall to capture the moisture seepage. It does this by using a special wall flange that creates a small space between the floor and the wall. When the WaterGuard is installed, it is separated from the soil by a layer of gravel. This helps filter the ground water that reaches the drainage trench and prevents clogging.

The WaterGuard leads to a SuperSump pump we installed at the lowest point of the basement. The SuperSump is equipped with a high-end 1/3 hp Zoeller cast iron pump with a mechanical float switch. It is capable of removing 2,650 gallons of water every hour, and it does so efficiently and quietly. The SuperSump also includes the WaterWatch alarm system. In the instance water rises above the point where the pump should turn on, the alarm will sound off, sounding similar to a fire alarm. Margaret also opted for the UltraSump, a backup battery pumping system that will automatically turn on if the primary pump fails to operate.

We are so happy we were able to help Margaret out with her daylight basement, and the peace of mind knowing her basement will be staying dry this upcoming winter. 

Work Requests From Freeland, WA
Project Location: Freeland, WA
We need crawl space insulation, vapor barrier removed and replaced. Vapor barrier -10ml.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Crawl space repair and cleaning, to include removal of old insulation, sealing cracks and holes to prevent animal entry and installing new insulation and additional vapor barrier.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Hello, We've lived in our home in Freeland for three years, but this is the first year that we have had water appear in our finished basement. It seems to have come up through the concrete foundation and has ruined several sections of the click hardwood flooring. I am looking to find out more about our options for keeping the space dry because our kids' bedrooms are down there and we like to use the space. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Basement in our 1940s fishing cabin has moisture issues
Project Location: Freeland, WA
House is near the water and has a musty smell. Crawl space has vapor barrier, but is wet under the barrier during certain tides. Wondering if crawl space encapsulation might help with the must smell. Looking for an estimate.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
We have an older home (1950s) that we just purchased, and we found a small pool of standing water in the crawlspace. Vapor barrier is not well installed, and we would like recommendations on repair/encapsulation. Thanks!
Project Location: Freeland, WA
We had a water leak and I had to clean out crawl space. After spending a week down there I would like someone else better equipped to do a great job and make our crawl space clean and efficient.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Have some moisture in my crawl space I need addressed so I can sell my home.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Crawl space has moisture including some standing water. Dry mud allover vapor barrier. Troubling given we're at end of summer dry season. I can tell the water is seeping under the house from higher ground on northeaast side of the property because the grass is green on northeast side, but dry and dead everywhere else. I'd like to try channeling water away, then install sump pump for any that does make it under the house. Then clean out and refurbish he crawl and insulation after water issue is solved.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
We have some groundwater in our crawl space that we would like to correct. We had the foundation coated and drains installed on the exterior of the house which helped but we still get some groundwater in the wet season that we would to correct.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
I have a house that was built in 1942. Due to island County raising the water table my basement has water in it all winter. I have two sub pumps That run every 4 minutes. The water comes through the floor. I would like the advice from a professional on what to do.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
I recently had a pest control survey done and he noticed my foundation is not properly braced in certain areas in the crawl space. I'm looking to get a second opinion and a quote for repairs. I'm also interested in a quote for encapsulation of the property.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Sinking floor in Garage. 6 x 15 area
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Space have been dry until recently.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Rodent damage to insulation under house
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Would like to use the area for some storage.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
I have an old farmhouse that I rent out for vacations. The basement leaks continually. I thought it was a gutter and downspout that empties into foundation drain, but this week with dry cold weather, the water in the basement is still flowing water. The drain in the floor is not working very well. Years ago I had 2 inches or more all over the basement floor that we shoveled out the door.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
Foundation has cracked and has spalding. house has sunk at one end as much as 6 to 12 inches (we think). This is a very small one bedroom house built in 1932 and is about 750 to 800 sq. ft.
Project Location: Freeland, WA
I have some interior cracking and some small cracks in foundation. I would like someone to come out and tell me if I have a settling problem that needs to be fixed
Project Location: Freeland, WA
We need insulation removed and replaced under our 1400 sq ft home. Would also like a moisture barrier installed.

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