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Basement to Beautiful Insulated Wall Panels in Sedro-Woolley, WA Basement

Water creeping into this Sedro-Woolley basement was becoming a nuisance for the home owners. We came in and installed our energy-efficient Basement to Beautiful Insulated Wall Panels, leaving the space clean and dry!

Sedro-Woolley Crawl Space Insulation

Alex came to us with problems of water in his crawl space. This crawl space was taller than average. We installed our CleanSpace Encapsulation System along with 60 feet of Foamax Crawl Space Rim Joist insulation panels to better accommodate the height of the space. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation Sedro-Woolley

This crawl space was wet with a leak coming from the crawl space into the basement. We fixed the leak with our drainage and TripleSafe Sump Pump system and encapsulated it in our CleanSpace 20 mil thick liner. Now the space is dry and the homeowner is very happy with the result.

Flooding and Standing Water in Lake Stevens, WA, Crawl Space

These Lake Stevens, WA, homeowners had the problem of standing water in their crawl space. The previous owners of the home had the power shut off for months, which lead the pumping system breaking, thus filling it with water. Now, they were faced with the dilemma of getting it fixed. Rainy Day inspected the home and we were able to find a way to transform the wet, flooded crawl space into a completely dry and usable space. We installed our very best waterproofing and drainage system and TripleSafe sump pump. This incredible pump is built to handle high volumes of water, and even has a battery back-up for protection during power outages. We also covered and sealed the crawl space with our CleanSpace encapsulation system which will act as an ultra-thick vapor barrier that can seal away the home from the earth.  

Installing Crawlspace Drain and Vapor Barrier in Lake Stevens, WA

Pam and Steve B. had a damp and pet-friendly crawlspace in their Lake Stevens, WA, home. Jean-Paul Holcomb designed a solution to fit their needs and eliminate their problem for the long haul. Foreman, David Nush, and the crew added in a new SmartDrain to protect the crawl space from potential plumbing leaks above the vapor barrier. Then, we wrapped and sealed the piers, walls, and floors in our highly-durable CleanSpace encapsulation system. CleanSpace blocks the entrance of rodents and moisture while creating a dry, mold-free environment. Finally, to filter the air and maintain humidity, an energy-efficient SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed. By encapsulating their crawlspace using CleanSpace and our SaniDry, the couple is increasing their home's value and comfort. They are also protecting the home while saving money on energy costs with their new system.

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