Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Sherman B. in Sultan, WA

I have been completely impressed with how everyone at Rainy Day has communicated with us about everything they planned to do. From the first sales call until the final day of work. Everyone went out of there way to make sure we knew what to expect next. The operations manager came out at the beginning of the project, and a job this big is definitely a project and went over the work one more time and gave us a rough schedule on when they expected to get the work done. He also kept us updated on the crews schedule on a daily basis because they were facing some unexpected weather challenges due to snow in the area. We had a couple of crews involved in the project and the foremen of each crew made sure we knew just what they were going to be doing that day when they arrived and then what they had accomplished just before they left in the evening. The only thing I would like to see is to have the operations manager come by one last time after the work was completed and inspect the final installation. I recently had a new roof put on by a small roofing company in the area and after the job was completed the owner of the company came out and inspected the work and found a few (very few) items he thought needed correction and had someone come out and fix them. I really appreciated that extra care since I am far from an expert on roofing. The same applies here with the crawlspace and the Rainy Day material. I'm far from being an expert on this part of our home so one last look at the work by someone who is would be awesome. Bottom line is I think the system should be very helpful in controlling both moisture in the crawlspace and therefore the house and in controlling rodents that are a constant issue when you live in a rural area with woods and fields surrounding the house.

- Sherman B. of Sultan, WA
Tuesday, March 17th