Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Don and Marcia L. in Brier, WA

Dan Malsh and his crew are top-of-the-line. The interior of our crawl was choked with footless concrete foundations poured in the 1940's. Subsequent remodels added a few more. All were cracked and sinking--leaving leaving the floors tilted and waffled. Dan offered several repair options and we found some that reasonably met our budget. We chose to have those walls demolished and removed. A huge effort! Our home is now rock solid.

Special mention to Jerry Soto and the crew (Martine, Arturo, Eric, Nate, etc.) for their ethics, dedication and pride of workmanship. Jerry kept me well-informed and was a wealth of knowledge not only of his trade but of related crafts. Worry not about this work group. They are among the best.

- Don and Marcia L. of Brier, WA
Tuesday, January 3rd