Case Studies

Rainy Day Basement Systems Case Studies: Mill Creek Crawl Space Encapsulation

Friday, December 16th, 2016 by Chantele Machado


Phil and Grace S. used the free quote link on our website to let us know they needed a new vapor barrier in their crawl space. The preexisting vapor barrier was still somewhat intact, but it had shifted in many places, leaving the earth below exposed. The problem with bare soil underneath a crawl space is that it allows moisture from that soil to evaporate into the space. This creates a very humid environment that encourages the growth of mold and mildew, something Phil and Grace very much wanted to avoid.


To best prevent mold and mildew in a crawl space, the moisture in the space must be under control. We replaced Phil and Grace’s previous 6 mils. vapor barrier with a much more efficient and durable one, CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a 20 mils. thick crawl space lining made up of seven layers of high and low density polyethylene and reinforced with two layers of polyester cord. The CleanSpace vapor barrier is installed by permanently securing the liner directly to the foundation walls. This covers the ground, posts and walls completely separating the space from the earth below, greatly reducing the levels of moisture and humidity. CleanSpace Vent Covers were also added to complete the encapsulation. The vent covers are made from completely inorganic material that will never rust or grow mold or mildew.

To further control the moisture in their crawl space, we installed a SaniDry CX Dehumidifier. The SaniDry CX is a completely automatic dehumidifier that activates only when the humidity level reaches a percentage set by the homeowner. We suggest setting it below 60%, this will lower the moisture to a level in which mold spores cannot live. The SaniDry CX then drains the removed water automatically through a discharge line away from the foundation of the home.