Case Studies

Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Leaking Crawl Space Repair in Lummi Island Home

Friday, November 11th, 2016 by Chantele Machado


Kjerstin S. was concerned about the condition of the crawl space in her home on Lummi Island. The crawl space was leaking and fallen insulation had been scattered about. She saw our products and the services we offer at the Whatcom Home and Garden show and decided to have one of our system design specialists come out to perform a free inspection and estimate. After being presented with the water control system the specialist designed specifically to prevent moisture problems in her crawl space, and ultimately her home, she decided to go ahead with the plans. 


We first installed drainage trenching to capture ground water and direct it towards the SmartSump. The SmartSump is sump pump designed specifically for crawl spaces. It’s equipped with a high quality Zoeller 1/3-hp cast-iron pump with an automatic float switch. It also has a unique two-piece airtight lid that allows for easy access but doesn’t allow water sitting in the sump basin to evaporate into the crawl space.

Once the groundwater was managed, moisture vapor became the next target. We encapsulated the crawl space with CleanSpace, a highly durable lining that greatly reduces moisture and humidity. The lining is anchored tightly to the foundation walls and creates a continuous and effective air and moisture barrier.