Case Studies

Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Crawlspace Repair in Anacortes, WA

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 by Bayleigh Stelling


After purchasing her home in Anacortes, WA, nine years ago, Michele began to recognize symptoms of an unhealthy crawlspace shortly thereafter. She was uncertain if there were any leaks causing it, but a musty smell indicated a potential mold problem. She was worried that the mold from a damp crawlspace could exacerbate her allergies and health problems and was ready to repair it  promptly.


To control incoming moisture, we installed our crawlspace drainage system. We first dug trenches and lined the trenches with filter fabric. We then installed perforated pipe to drain towards the sump, and filled the trenches with drain rock. Our UltraSump pump system was placed at the low spot of the crawlspace to collect moisture from the perimeter drainage. Heavy rains are no issue with this system, because the UltraSump is designed to pump up to 2,018 gallons per hour. The sump pump also turns on automatically using a battery-powered pump if the primary pump ever were to fail, and is housed in a plastic liner with an airtight lid.  


The entire crawlspace was also encapsulated in our CleanSpace vapor barrier. This liner consists of seven layers and blocks-off the moisture from the soil below it, protecting the space from penetration and hindering mold growth. Once sealed, we installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to condition the air to remain at proper humidity levels.


We successfully reduced the moisture, foul odors, and mold that was growing in the crawlspace. A healthy crawlspace lead to healthy air circulating to the rest of the home, and reduced allergy problems for Michele.