Before & After

Vapor Barrier Upgrade in Burlington Crawl Space

This Burlington crawl space was in terrible condition. The vapor barrier was shifted around and had allowed dirt and water to get on top, making it a mess and ineffective. The homeowners said there were natural springs in the area and they have been struggling with water intrusion in their crawl space since it was built back in 1994.

We replaced their pre-existing sump pump with our more powerful TripleSafe Sump Pump. The TripleSafe features three pumps in one offering the homeowner the most protection against water intrusion. Next, we added drainage trenching to direct the ground water and other seepage towards the new TripleSafe.

Finally, we lined their crawl space with a more durable lining than the traditional 6 mils. black barrier they previously had. CleanSpace Light is a 10 mm thick vapor barrier that has an antimicrobial agent built right in. The lining greatly reduces the moisture and humidity levels in the space, in addition to furthering prevent against mold and mildew.