11 Years as A Family

11 Years as A Family - Image 1

Like every family, here at Rainy Day, we are supportive of one another, think as a team, help one another achieve goals big and small, give constructive criticism and take some pretty awesome loving and goofy pictures!Rainy Day team being our goofy selves!

This November marks 11 years as a company, and through all of our experiences, we strongly believe that in order to give our customers the dream home that they want, we must first make our house a home. We are a family, and we work as one to overcome obstacles that try to get in our way.

To show what we mean to one another, we took a few moments to individually reflect on what working together at Rainy Day means to us.

For Service Technician, Russ Dyer, working at Rainy Day has been “an eye-opening experience.” “This company cares about their customers so much. I’ve never worked for a company with this as their number one priority. We love to make homes more energy efficient and save the owners as much money as we can. We also want to make homes healthy and safe to live in. This company goes above and beyond to ensure the customer is happy with the work and their purchase.”

In order to make the customer happy, we first make sure that employees are working together.

“Every employee provides for one another,” said Appointment Center Representative, Marcy Proffit. “It has been a great experience so far. Great company to work for—friendly, outgoing, teamship, family-oriented. Rainy Day takes pride and compassion not only in their employees but in the company and work provided. Great knowledge and understanding of how to make your home a better and safer environment. The great knowledge of learning about Rainy Day and the services they provide for not only your home, but your family, is incredible!”

Marcy wasn’t the only one who reflected on the support within the company. One of our System Design Specialists said that Rainy day has “great folks that are very supportive.” “From the initial interview into training and into going out in the field, my team has been focused on helping me to succeed. This company truly cares about its customers. From day one, the focus has been to ‘love your customers’ and help them achieve their goals. Every team meeting is focused on positive attitude, increasing skills and how to best serve our customers.”

To give our customers the best experience possible, we make sure that our leadership skills are always being tuned. After all, as every good leader knows, learning and improving is never done.

“I’m having a good time and learning a lot,” said Foreman Dave Nush. “It’s a great place to work and great people. We love to help people with their problems. Everyone is nice and great people to work with. We love to help people.”

Dave’s leadership skills have not gone unnoticed. Waterproofing Professional, Bryon Collier, said “Dave has been so nice and kind, helping foremen. He will help you solve difficult tasks that you’re not sure about. I think that he’s always down to work and push me and everyone on his team to get the job done. He’s a strong foreman. So, thank you, Dave.”

Being surrounded by good leaders and coworkers, the crew enjoys figuring out how to solve basement, crawl space and foundation issues.

Waterproofing Professionals, Peter Ajing and Wayne Martens both say that it has been a good experience. “Thank you for how much this company cares for its workers and customers,” said Peter, “Rainy Day is a good place to work and grow. It will be a good experience when you make the first call to Rainy Day and know they got your back to the end.” Wayne similarly reflected on Rainy Day, saying “we are trustworthy, and we will work hard. Our crew gets along.”

In addition to the crew working together, another key ingredient to completing successful projects is loving what you do.

Bryon said, “I love helping people solve their problems in their home. I love helping people with allergies. Also, Rainy Day and everyone here has been loving, kind, and helpful, so thanks. They are a good helpful business for people’s homes, but mostly they try to be your friend in the long run. They will help you figure out the problem in your home and fix it to perfection.”

All of these reflections have said a lot about Rainy Day, so what three words exactly sum up the company? Dave said that Rainy Day has “great people to work with,” so he “can’t think of just three words.” So, we each contributed words that immediately came to our minds, including: caring, friendly, honest, team players, compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, helpful, outgoing, determined, dedicated and supportive. There were also words that reflected our professionalism such as water problems, trenching, CleanSpace, wet basements, crawl spaces and home repair.

When we aren’t busy solving problems and completing projects, we love spending quality time with one another. Employees reflected on how they enjoy team meetings and spending time with one another outside of work from Christmas parties to business conventions and eating out.

A family grows and adapts over time, constantly learning and changing. We are ready to take on the next year—achieve new company and individual goals and work towards gaining new family members. We say bring it on!


A Note from the Author, Meagan Baron: When I started working at Rainy Day a few months ago as Marketing Manager, I was not sure what to expect. Being in a new environment can lead to so many different results. I wanted to get to know everyone the best that I could and act accordingly. In the past, I have had jobs and life situations where I needed to be a chameleon—analyze the room and decide how I should act based on other’s actions, verbal reactions, tones, body language. I am always worried about offending people and not being able to prove myself. I know that I am a wonderful worker—always ready to surpass goals. In some ways, that has been my downfall; I am an overachiever and my worst critic. Working at Rainy Day, I am starting to overcome that chameleon obstacle that has kept me from possibly accomplishing some awesome achievements. I want to give thanks to all of my team who have helped me understand just how Rainy Day operates. After all, marketing is an item that takes on its own identity with every company. So, thank you to everyone who has patiently worked with me, answering my questions and helping me be the Rainy Day worker that I want to be. I know that working here will continue being an experience that is going to improve my ability to implement necessary life skills.