Introducing the NEW SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier

Monday, April 10th, 2017 by Chantele Machado

We have something BIG to show you, and it comes in a small size.

SaniDry Sedona

Rainy Day Basement Systems is proud to introduce the world’s most efficient high-performance dehumidifier and filtration system, the SaniDry Sedona. Every aspect of the homeowner’s experience was diligently considered while the SaniDry engineers spent 18 months developing this exceptional new device.

Once installed, the SaniDry Sedona requires little to no attention. A homeowner can simply choose a humidity level setting and a sensor that monitors the air will activate and deactivate the machine as necessary. In addition, the Sedona drains automatically, meaning no messy buckets to continuously empty.

Energy Star

Don’t let the SaniDry Sedona’s small size fool you. This dehumidifier has a capacity of 95 pints per day and will move over 300 cubic feet of dry air per minute around your basement or crawl space. What’s more, the Sedona is Energy Star rated and is capable of removing 2.9 liters of water per kilowatt-hour of electricity; making it the most energy efficient dehumidifier in the world.

The basement or crawl space is part of the inside of a building as a whole. If there is high humidity and musty odors downstairs, it is likely to affect the environment upstairs. By drying your basement or crawl space, the SaniDry Sedona will help your whole house become healthier by eliminating the opportunity for moisture-loving organisms, like dust mites and mold, to thrive.