Work Requests in Oak Harbor

Rainy Day Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Oak Harbor. Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems's recent work requests in Oak Harbor and nearby areas!

Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems' recent work requests in Oak Harbor, WA
Vicinity of Emory Trl in Oak Harbor
High electric bills ducting leaks insulation tattered, missing, never installed rat problems
Vicinity of Forest Glen Rd in Oak Harbor
Excessive water in my home's crawlspace
Vicinity of SE Fisher Ct in Oak Harbor
The floors in the house are sloping downward. Doors are sticking and the floors creak loudly in areas where they are sloping.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
House is only nine years old there is some spots of standing water in crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Waterside Ct in Oak Harbor
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Maplewood Loop in Oak Harbor
Would like a better access to our crawl space
Vicinity of Tomren Lane in Oak Harbor
We are looking for someone who can test the moisture level in our home.
Vicinity of Moonstone PL in Oak Harbor
We have a 2 story daylight basement, that is completely finished except for a small room where the water heater is. Approx 8x10 room. The room has cracks in the concrete floor where water is coming through this year. This didnt happen last year and we bought the home last May.
Vicinity of Deception Circle in Oak Harbor
We have a post and pier that was called out in a home inspection to be reviewed by a professional. Seller needs professional opinion on whether it's fine or if it needs repairs. There's a small spacing between the post and the concrete pier. I can provide exact statement from home inspector and the picture if needed.
Vicinity of NE Big Berry Loop in Oak Harbor
Water in Crawl space
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
I have some water seepage underneath the house in the crawl space. I cannot determine its origin, although I am fairly certain it is not the plumbing after extensive observation. It will need a trained eye for exacting a solution. It is mostly contained to one corner, although I did notice some condensed areas underneath another vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Standing water in my crawl space
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Water incursion into the walk out basement on a sloped lot. I recently purchased this home. In the wet season, we are now seeing actual water in the basement. There appears to be two sources of actual water: 1) leakage through the concrete slab that serves as a ceiling to a portion of the basement and serves as the porch (entrance) on the outside - these appear to be coming from cracks that appear to have had a repair effort in the past, and 2) a chimney that has its base in the basement wall (the fire opening is on the floor above).
Vicinity of Jones Rd in Oak Harbor
Our inspector found foundation issues. We would like to obtain and estimate.
Vicinity of Balda Road in Oak Harbor
Hello We just purchased a house and it all ready has a vapor barrier down (the black sheets of plastic). It rained for the first time today and we have a bit of a musty smell in the basement/crawl space. If someone would be willing to take a look and see what our options are that would be great. Thank you
Vicinity of SE Pasek St in Oak Harbor
Hi! I need slab repair after a full plumbing replacement and am having a heck of a time finding a contractor to do so... any suggestions? Can you do this? Thanks!
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Cinder block foundation on 1905 house cracked and needs repair, need access/ventilation. foundation settling needs leveling.
Vicinity of Northwest Outrigger Loop in Oak Harbor
Crawl space moisture and mold
Vicinity of NW Almond Lp in Oak Harbor
Vicinity of Cornet Bay Road in Oak Harbor
Dirt is eroding from under foundation.
Vicinity of Kellogg Lane in Oak Harbor
New property, finding water leaking through concrete wall into basement stairwell. Also some leaking through crack in wall in laundryroom
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
The home was built in 2002 and after several crawspace inspections it seems that it was never damaged or had some type of mold. Last year it rained a lot and we started to see a lot of water accumulating there. We used pumps and drained everything but it kept accumulating. It never went higher than 6 inches but it accumulated so much that we just let it be. After a few days the water was gone. I would like to know if you guys can take a look and help us determine if there is a manufacture defect or some type of defect that needs to be repaired.
Vicinity of Brideck Lane in Oak Harbor
Have water in the crawl space of home. Pls call me for scheduling a time to go out and what it may cost to clean out.
Vicinity of SW Fairway Point Dr in Oak Harbor
Recently had a rodent problem resolved with a pest company, but there was damage done to the vapor barrier and insulation in the crawl space under the home.
Vicinity of Gramma Lane in Oak Harbor
Sloping floor and insulation installation in a approximately 1100 square foot home built in mid 70's.
Vicinity of Shorecrest Dr in Oak Harbor
Crawl space cleanup and rodent prevention
Vicinity of SW Stroops Drive in Oak Harbor
Looking for crawlspace encapsulation and cleanout. House is 1776 sqft, 2 story, built in 1999. Thank you
Vicinity of SW Putnam Drive in Oak Harbor
Crawlspace has puddles under and on vapor barrier. Request inspection of crawlspace and estimate on new vapor barrier installation.
Vicinity of Strawberry Point Road in Oak Harbor
I have cinder block walls in my basement and when it rain hard and long, I have a flood. The past several month with all the heavy rains my basement was flooded. I pumped 30 to 40 gallons of water twice a day. And sometimes more.
Vicinity of NW Outrigger Loop in Oak Harbor
I have a sump pump however my crawl space is damp.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Water in crawlspace - need new vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Daylight basement is slowly flooding, water intrusion
Vicinity of Bonnie View Acres Rd in Oak Harbor
After a few days of heavy rain I noticed lots of water in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Williams Road in Oak Harbor
Need crawl space evaluation and address water and vapor barrier issues.
Vicinity of SW Rock Rose Dr in Oak Harbor
Discovered water in my crawl space. Would like an estimate on how to remedy the issue.
Vicinity of TORPEDO ROAD in Oak Harbor
Crawlspace moisture issue. I want an estimate for encapsulation, vapor barrier, dehumidifier, insulation
Vicinity of E Fakkema Road in Oak Harbor
Daylight basement cinder block construction approximately 40 years old. Water intrusion along the bottom course of cinder blocks.
Vicinity of Evergreen Street in Oak Harbor
A sump pump is installed, but there are still areas with standing water. We need to direct the water to the sump pump area.
Vicinity of Hunt Rd in Oak Harbor
Water in crawl space during wet season on 7yr old home
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Humps in floors and sloping with pillar post foundation, crawl space needs new lining and water seeping in crawl space.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
We are interested in a crawl space repair and possibly an encapsulation.
Vicinity of Evergreen Street in Oak Harbor
Home inspection revealed the need for a sump pump install.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Water pooling in crawl space, notice what I believe to be mold growing on the bottom of joist and subflooring.
Vicinity of Peacock Ln in Oak Harbor
House slopes about 1.5 degrees. Very small cracks visibl in stem wall.
Vicinity of Darvic Pl in Oak Harbor
Noticed signs of settling foundation, floor above crawlspace is getting creaky and tile cracking, foundation cracks, would love an estimate.
Vicinity of Allyson Street in Oak Harbor
I need an estimate on a French drain. please contact by email. Thank you
Vicinity of SW Robertson in Oak Harbor
I know that the two access covers to my crawl space need to be repaired. I would also like a quote on sealing it up like in your photos.
Vicinity of Snowflake Rd in Oak Harbor
Water standing in crawspace
Vicinity of Ft Nugent Road in Oak Harbor
Recent bought a home that was suppose to have a dry basement. However we are having water pool up that appears to be coming from the walls.
Vicinity of W. Beach Rd. in Oak Harbor
I have a damp basement, that occationally will get a small amount of standing water when the rains are heavy. most of it has been previously finished with lath and then paneling. I'm seeing signs of water damage around the bottom edge. when can you come by to give me an estimate?
Vicinity of Cashmere Place in Oak Harbor
Looking for a crawl space estimate.
Vicinity of N View Rd in Oak Harbor
We have an internal entry crawl space which had some rat activity and now needs cleanup and new insulation.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Sagging living room floor, crawl space supports setteling
Vicinity of October LN in Oak Harbor
After it rains it has pools of water, I'd like that to stop.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
I have a small 900 sqft home that was built in 1955. It has a dirt crawlspace that keeps collecting water in only one corner after heavy rain. I have replaced all gutters and this has not solved the problem. I know that there are old clay drainage pipes that go around the perimeter of the home but these are no longer in use. I know a section of that old pipe is broken around the same corner of the crawlspace where the water collects. Would this matter if it no longer in use? I would love your advice in this matter and an estimate for work. We are located in Oak Harbor.
Vicinity of Sw Rock Rose Drive in Oak Harbor
We have standing water on the vapor barrier under our home at the above address
Vicinity of Strawberry Point Rd. in Oak Harbor
It looks like Whidbey Island is in your coverage area. If so, I would like to arrange for a free estimate for a 25' x 35' Crawl Space Encapsulation.
Vicinity of in Oak Harbor
Have water in the crawl space. Mostly coming from North wall facing street.

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