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Rainy Day Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Monroe. Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems's recent work requests in Monroe and nearby areas!

Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems' recent work requests in Monroe, WA
Vicinity of in Monroe
The window well of my basement is leaking water into my room and the water must be taken out by buckets every 20-30 minutes or my room will flood
Vicinity of E Lake Kayak Dr in Monroe
Water in my crawl space, just replaced the sump pump but it runs constanly. On and off 3 times in 5 minutes. Runs for about 30 seconds each time
Vicinity of in Monroe
I'm a Realtor. I have a listing in Monroe that was just inspected by the buyer this morning. The inspection wasn't even complete because the inspector quickly noted the foundation was "crumbling." I'm hoping that term is an exaggeration. The next step for us would be to get a dollar amount on the necessary repair. Hoping you can help!
Vicinity of W. Maple St. in Monroe
Moles have caused pillar and post foundations to move, causing the floor to sink.
Vicinity of WALES ST Se in Monroe
We are selling our home, they have requested that the crawl space have new vapor barrier installed. It is not in bad condition, we just need someone to look at the crawl space and replace any vapor barrier that needs replaced.
Vicinity of in Monroe
Existing sump pump in the crawl space needs a check valve/back flow diverter, and fill unused utility line holes (cap both sides) to stop water from draining into crawl space.
Vicinity of Bollenbaugh Hill Rd in Monroe
Need an estimate to re insulate crawl space. Approx 200sf was removed by servpro
Vicinity of in Monroe
I need the vapor barrier in my crawl space replaced. Does your company provide that service?
Vicinity of in Monroe
Musty smell in house that may be caused by mold spores coming up from crawl space
Vicinity of in Monroe
Bought home one year ago. Was told vapor barrier did not cover entire area, possible rodents and insulation needs to be cleaned up. Home is approx 1300 square feet.
Vicinity of in Monroe
Existing sump pump and drains in crawl space not keeping excess water from underneath home.
Vicinity of Summit Ave SE in Monroe
Some insulation was removed in our crawl space due to water damaged. Interested in getting the insulation replaced.
Vicinity of Tualco Rd in Monroe
Northeast corner of the house seems to be sinking. Floor is uneven in the kitchen. Doors are getting hard to open and close. crack in the foundation wall.
Vicinity of N Blakeley in Monroe
Recently purchased this house. The floors are not level. The crawl space is only about 18 inches and needs a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Monroe
I Built my 1940sqft Rambler back in 2009. The foundation was dug on top of a ridge so at the time I was told not to worry about sealing the foundation and that the footing drains would be more than enough. Come to find out that was not a good idea. Everytime it rains I get massaive amounts of water under the house and it is retained there until it is pumped out. I would rather not dig it all up and seal from the outside so Im looking for ways to seal it or detour the water. Any advice and or bid would be greatly appreciated.
Vicinity of Marmount St SE in Monroe
Hello, I am real estate broker selling a home in Monroe and needing a crawl space pumped. Is that a service Rainy Day provides? Sincerely,
Vicinity of in Monroe
The previous owners of my house had rodents that ripped down the insulation. I need this replaced.
Vicinity of Lords Lake Ave SE in Monroe
We have standing water under the house. a few years ago we had a pipe break, which flooded the cellar. however, even after the cleaning there was still a lot of water under the house. a handyman suggested installing a sump pump.
Vicinity of Ricci Road in Monroe
You recently installed a sump solution in a Mother In Law house on our property, We would like to get an estimate on our main house Specifically, we have a portion of our west foundation wall that does show signs of limited water infiltration. We do NOT want a full perimeter system, just a collection on the west wall. Access is through interior of house.
Vicinity of in Monroe
Looking to have our crawlspace cleaned up. Please contact me
Vicinity of Ricci Road in Monroe
Getting water infiltration into crawl space of Mother in Law (700 Sq Ft) house on our property. We have infiltration system on the property, however will all the recent and heavy rain, getting water in the crawl space. Would like to explore getting a sump pump installed.
Vicinity of Orr St in Monroe
Odor's in house,
Vicinity of in Monroe
I would like a quote on replacing about 50sf of insulation (I think its 8" thick) in my crawlspace as well as the wooden support strips underneath it. The previous owner installed a sump pump per the sale contract and didn't glue the PVC plumbing together. It came apart and soaked the insulation causing the support strips to break and the insulation to fall into the water below. So I would need to the have plumbing glued as well. I'll be sending them this quote to determine how they want to deal with the repair.
Vicinity of in Monroe
Standing water, gaps in vapor barrier, drooping insulation, poor insulation on hot water lines
Vicinity of in Monroe
Crawlspace sits under 1556 Sq Ft Craftsman Rambler/ranch style home. Crawlspace is vented, one access door. Plumbing, electrical, ductwork all run through crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Monroe
We have a small amount of water in one corner of our crawl space that is pooling on top of the vapor barrier.

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