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Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems' recent work requests in Blaine, WA
Vicinity of Canvasback Rd in Blaine
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of Haynie Rd. in Blaine
My crawlspace has insulation that needs to be replaced and rodent evidence, also ducting needs to be insulated and there is no vapor barrier over the ground (it is sand)
Vicinity of Arnie Road in Blaine
Looking to understand the costs of re-insulating my crawlspace and redoing the vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Coquitlam Drive, Birch Bay Village in Blaine
Ruben saw rat droppings while checking our sup-pump and noted a bit of insulation damage that needs to be fixed. How do we get rid of rats so they don't die in crawl space and cause a bad smell?
Vicinity of Goshawk Road in Blaine
Moisture in crawl space and may have disconnected heater duct to kitchen
Vicinity of Glendale Dr in Blaine
I just bought my house and I noticed while under my house that the plastic is all ripped up and a lot of the vents are all plugged up. and the ground seems pretty damp under the plastic with some white mold growth on the concrete.
Vicinity of Richmond Crescent in Blaine
Uneven floors, a crack down the center of the house and nasty crawl space. The wood blocks in the crawl space uneven.
Vicinity of Chickadee Way in Blaine
Crawl space insulation and vapor barrier
Vicinity of Castlerock Drive in Blaine
Crawl Space is full of water. Help
Vicinity of Wedgewood Court in Blaine
During recent record rain we had water in basement. New to home but this seems to be a first/anomalous event No plumbing leaks. Exploring options.
Vicinity of A St in Blaine
Crawl space repairs, mold, moisture stain on posts and damp on crawl space
Vicinity of in Blaine
House Built in 1938, one long vertical crack in foundation wall in crawl space.about 1/16 In in width at most, no change in width told previously not structurally damaging, just allowing moisture in. Additionally looking for quote on Crawl space vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Drayton Harbor Road in Blaine
We are looking for a price to "secure" the areas in our basement. They are on either side of the basement and are unfinished, ie. dirt areas. I apologize if this doesn't make sense. The sump pumps are non-functioning and the house smells damp. It would be better if someone came out for a look. Thank you.
Vicinity of Richmond Park Rd in Blaine
We need a quote for crawlspace clean up and encapsulation as well as the entry way repair.
Vicinity of Kispiox in Blaine
We have noted that there is an improperly installed vapor barrier in our crawl space. It smells musty and damp in the house we recently purchased. There are vast temperature disparities between rooms on the ground floor of the house. I believe mold from the dampness in the crawl space may be causing air quality issues in the house.
Vicinity of Bay Ridge in Blaine
Looking at a manufactured home to buy and noticed there is at least 4 inches of standing water underneath. need an estimate on how much to fix.
Vicinity of Skyline Dr in Blaine
No insulation under floor...
Vicinity of BAYVIEW AVE in Blaine
We have a problem with basement flooding when it rains hard
Vicinity of Peace Arch CT in Blaine
Flooding basement .Bad curtain drains.Poor grading settlng yard .
Vicinity of Beach Rock Loop Dr in Blaine
We have standing water in our crawl space under our vapor barrier. Not sure where the water is coming from.
Vicinity of Nitinat in Blaine
We need a bid on a sump pump for this rental home.
Vicinity of Castlerock Dr in Blaine
Need a sump pump in the crawlspace of a house we are moving into. There is a sump well there, but no pump. Water has been accumulating on both above and below the vapor barrier. I'm hoping to set up a consultation appointment for December 19th.
Vicinity of Ashbury Ct in Blaine
Not sure what the source is, but we have several inches of water in our crawlspace
Vicinity of Fern Street in Blaine
Home Inspection this morning revealed that part of crawlspace inaccessible & needs to be dug out. Moisture level underneath house is too high. Most of the insulation is damaged by a rodent infestation. Partial post-&-pillar foundation allows rodent access from outside. There is a plastic barrier attached to the underside of the insulation, trapping moisture and some is holding water, indicating a possible leak. Also sign of anabiid beatle issue, may need to replace some structure.
Vicinity of Sandpiper Ln in Blaine
We are in the process of selling our house. The inspection shows some standing water in crawl space. We want a sump pump.
Vicinity of Birch Bay Village in Blaine
Repair/replace crawl space insulation & remove 5 cubic feet of dirt under 1800 sf 1-level home
Vicinity of Tsawwaqssen Loop in Blaine
Crawl space needs cleaning insulation needs to be replaced? new screens on vents vapor barrier
Vicinity of C STREET in Blaine
Odor from crawl space, needs cleaning and treatment. Our house is about 1200 square feet.
Vicinity of California Trail in Blaine
Crawl space under mobile home on brick foundation with floating slab. Needs insulation removed, pest control to prevent rodent entry, insulation replaced along with vapor barrier and rodent barrier? New plumbing lines have been installed but plumber will come back and move them up into space prior to new insulation going in. As well, furnace ducts require removal and replacement (if you do this or we'll do it ourselves or hire someone to do it) Looking for a quote to complete the above. Home is approximately 1100 sq ft.
Vicinity of SEAWAN PLACE in Blaine
We have a very damp, yucky crawl space. I also strongly suspect furry critters have been calling it home. It has a very low ceiling and is not easily accessible. I'm home after 5pm if someone would like to give me a call. Thanks, Brenda
Vicinity of California Trl in Blaine
I have a stump in my crawlspace. It is wrapped with vapor barrier, as is the floor of the crawlspace. I think I have a sagging floor in part of my house, which is evidenced by difficulty shutting doors in that part. I am interested in having the crawlspace cleaned out and seeing if I need jacks to correct the floor problem.
Vicinity of Sanderling Way in Blaine
Inspection of my crawlspace showed standing water - possibly from a past leak that needs to be removed and wet areas at the south end - likely due to overflowing gutters.
Vicinity of S. Golf Course Drive in Blaine
I am the Realtor selling this foreclosed house on behalf of the bank. I know very little about the problem other than what is visually apparent - there is water damage in one of the bedrooms in the daylight basement. The bank would like an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Forsbreg Dr in Blaine
I have a home that was built in 1964 and has a small addition that was added on in 1982 and saddly it was neglected prior to my obtaining the home. Its a two story home approx. 1250 sq ft. I need to have the crawl space cleaned and a vapor barrier put down.
Vicinity of Harrison Ave in Blaine
I am considering purchasing a home in Birch Bay, WA. While inspecting the home I went into the crawl space I found mud and standing water throughout the area and a flooded sump. The sump pump was not working. Would you be interested in inspecting this situation as part of my home (buyer) inspection? I will have a general inspection but will require a specific inspection for this water issue. Do you have a set fee for this? Thank you, Leon

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