Work Requests in Bellingham

Rainy Day Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Bellingham. Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems's recent work requests in Bellingham and nearby areas!

Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems' recent work requests in Bellingham, WA
Vicinity of Aldrich Rd in Bellingham
Standing water in crawl space, need to encapsulate it
Vicinity of Humboldt St in Bellingham
Would like to get an estimate to address some dampness in our crawl space and insulate the floor.
Vicinity of Milwaukee Road in Bellingham
Need a 27 year old crawl space updated. New insulation and the works.
Vicinity of Grant St in Bellingham
Basement is getting quite a bit of water in it. It is an older home with a cement basement.
Vicinity of Silver Beach Ave in Bellingham
Need crawl space drainage install.
Vicinity of Erie St in Bellingham
We have a finished walk-out basement that is leaking through the concrete. The southeast corner of the basement is the biggest culprit and the water is coming in through the concrete where it is mostly underground.
Vicinity of Greenville Dr. in Bellingham
Our crawlspace is often wet, and our sump pump goes off frequently. We would like this space to be drier. We possibly need a new sump pump and vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of Tanglewood Lane in Bellingham
Sump Pump not working.
Vicinity of Crest Ct in Bellingham
Water found in my crawl space. I don't think it is from leaking pipes.
Vicinity of Nevada St. in Bellingham
Have standing water in crawl space, live next to a green belt where there is water constantly flowing. House is 44 years old i believe the gutters than drain into the ground could possibly be collapsed causing water to flow under house as well.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Basement waterproofing. South hill home w lots of hard pan w few places for water to go. French drain in early 2000s but water seeps up thru the basement floor
Vicinity of Lakeview Street in Bellingham
After large rains, we the slab of our unfinished basement gets wet in area, small puddles occur.
Vicinity of Marine And Bancroft in Bellingham
Hello, My crawl space gets very wet (it's already filled with puddles) and I've been noticing a very unpleasant odor coming from the vents to the outdoors. Also, in my pre-purchase inspection, the inspector pointed out that the crawl space is not properly ventilated. I am interested in learning about my options to get this crawl space into decent shape. Thanks!
Vicinity of G St in Bellingham
Water entering basement from several wall/floor joint locations. Seepage from cracks in concrete floor. Several wet areas on basement walls during persistent rainy periods.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Clean out insulation in basement/ crawl space and replace
Vicinity of Huron Street in Bellingham
Old insulation and rats. Need to get it cleaned up and refreshed.
Vicinity of Probert Place in Bellingham
Cold and damp house
Vicinity of Niagara Drive in Bellingham
Water intrusion in basement. May need a sub-slab drain, hydrophylic water proofing, and maybe a channel drain. Sump pump is already installed.
Vicinity of Jones Ln in Bellingham
The sump pump system needs upgrading and would like an estimate on crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of Marietta Ave. in Bellingham
Dampness noticed under vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Ashley Ave in Bellingham
Crawl space inspection.
Vicinity of Erie St in Bellingham
Need new vapor barrier, Animal proofing and insulation repair
Vicinity of in Bellingham
We need to have the insulation removed & installed on the crawlspace & maybe caper Barrie
Vicinity of Alderwood Ave in Bellingham
We're looking to get a quote for some foundation repair/work.
Vicinity of Spyglass Drive in Bellingham
I apologize if this went twice. We live in a 3 story home with an unfinished storage area on the second floor. That area is getting wet from hydrostatic pressure. We would like a free quote if that is possible.
Vicinity of CEDAR CREEK LN in Bellingham
Prior to purchase, our crawl space had a fan installed that is tied to a moisture sensor. The fan recently started cycling off and on very, very rapidly. Would like an estimate for repair/replace.
Vicinity of Huron St in Bellingham
I have an old basement space (that stores the house mechanical equipment) that frequently gets water - seeping up into it and along the sides (it's on a hill) which leaves this room musty and fairly unusable. Im hoping to learn what you can do internally and if there's something I can do externally. The foundation looks a little sketchy too.
Vicinity of Alpine Drive in Bellingham
Ramallah amounts of water in my crawl space.
Vicinity of W King Tut Rd in Bellingham
Getting ready for inspection would like crawl space clean and ready to pass inspection has newer vapor barrier that needs some attention
Vicinity of W. Illinois St in Bellingham
Water comes int basement through cracks.
Vicinity of Maple Ridge Ct in Bellingham
Hoping for an estimate for crawl space overhaul (insulation, barrier, and sump pumps) at my home.
Vicinity of Little Strawberry Ln in Bellingham
Just purchased this 1992-built home, and the inspector suggested the crawlspace be covered. It has a descent into the crawlspace, and needs a ladder.
Vicinity of Lynn St in Bellingham
I need to install a vapor layer in my crawl space. I move din two years ago and clearly that was one item that the previous owner had ignored.
Vicinity of Topaz Ct in Bellingham
Hello, we are showing signs of settling and would like someone to come take a look and give us an estimate for a repair.
Vicinity of Harris Ave in Bellingham
We live in an older home that has water issues in basement. We are trying to figure out a long term plan and to see if it eventually could be a useable space.
Vicinity of Alabama Sy in Bellingham
Crawl space isolation
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Water in crawl space. Would like estimate for a potential sump pump
Vicinity of Roland St in Bellingham
I have steady streams of water entering crawlspace, 2 sump pumps (one pumping to the other) and it is a big mess in my crawlspace. I would like it fixed.
Vicinity of Bancroft Rd in Bellingham
Standing water in crawlspace with fiberglass batts between joists. Old vented area with no moisture barrier. Looking to create a drainage system with a sump and install moisture barrier for clean dry and conditioned storage.
Vicinity of Allan Street in Bellingham
Daylight Basement flooding, urgent need.
Vicinity of Everson Goshen Rd in Bellingham
We are selling our home and there is some microbial growth in the crawl space that needs to be addressed and also the vapor barrier is deteriorating.
Vicinity of Northshore Rd in Bellingham
Flooding in basement of newly remodeled home. Possible foundation & storm water runoff issues. Need immediate assistance.
Vicinity of Forest Ct in Bellingham
Looks like some of the pics. Like to make it clean
Vicinity of Forest Ct in Bellingham
Good afternoon, I am purchasing the home at the address provided in the form above. I have just received my inspection results and there is a need to 1) reposition/reinforce the vapor barrier and 2) repair or replace the foundation support posts that have moisture contact related degradation. I am hoping to get a quote as soon as possible. Thank you, Gina
Vicinity of Lahti Drive in Bellingham
Mt current sump pump installation is poor quality. I would like a quote to have a sump pump system professionally installed.
Vicinity of Mason St in Bellingham
I need new vapor barriers in 2 crawl spaces
Vicinity of North Park Dr. in Bellingham
We are beginning a process of upgrading/ repairing the foundation for our single family residence. In particular, we are hoping to get an estimate for installing helical piles in order to stabilize our foundation.
Vicinity of W North St in Bellingham
I have purchased an old home in Bellingham with a basement. There is no water or water damage visible, but there is an overwhelming musty scent. There is a partial crawlspace with a dirt floor as well. I'd like the odor to go away.
Vicinity of Catkin Court in Bellingham
I have a good size deck in the back of my house. It is located on a hill side. The deck has started to slope down as the posts have moved. I'm trying to find a solution to correct the problem.
Vicinity of Polo Park Drive in Bellingham
I am wanting some help and advice on my crawlspace. It is in need of cleaning, and I'm trying to determine best insulation. It is vented and has a propane furnace with ducting.
Vicinity of Welling Rd in Bellingham
Our crawl space needs cleaning and to fix some of the insulation that has fallen down.
Vicinity of Whatcom St. in Bellingham
The foundation is settling by about 1 1/2" within a 17' span at the back of my house.
Vicinity of Mackenzie Rd in Bellingham
Crawlspace was recently done with brand new insulation back in June 2018. Crawlspace has lots of water pooling, unsure of cause. Need evaluated to resolve.
Vicinity of F Street in Bellingham
Need to find a long term solution for water drainage for house. I have a finished basement that gets moisture from down spouts and sump pump failure.
Vicinity of G Street in Bellingham
I'd like an egress window installed for our basement. The opening will face the fenced back yard.
Vicinity of Huron St in Bellingham
We have a sagging foundation which has caused horizontal cracks in a brick wall, also have some separation between walls and ceiling in several spots
Vicinity of Laurelwood Ave in Bellingham
I'm new to Bellingham, managed to find an affordable home after a year long search. Of course, it needs a lot of work. The crawlspace in particular has no vapor barrier. There is also a good slump in the floor in the middle of the house. It doesn't need to be perfect but to have the floor level would be nice. The crawlspace access is on the left side of the house. Thank you for your time, -Forrest
Vicinity of Cherrywood Ave in Bellingham
We have a basement that floods as well as a rotting support beam under the house.
Vicinity of Crystal Springs Lane in Bellingham
Water in the crawl space from a spring
Vicinity of Aldrich Rd. in Bellingham
We recently purchased an old house and just found out that the water table in the area is extremely high, resulting in regular flooding in the crawlspace when it rains. Recently there was about a foot of standing water at the entrance of the crawlspace. I was able to remove much of it with a portable pump, but it continued to seep in from underground. I don't know if there is standing water in other areas of the crawlspace. I think we need a sump pump and drainage to funnel all water in the crawlspace to the pump. We're on septic, so the water might need to be pumped far away from the house.
Vicinity of A St in Bellingham
I recently bought a house that was listed as a four bedroom, however two of the "bedrooms" in the basement weren't permitted and need to be to make things right with the city. I have to install two egress windows. I've already got the windows picked out (36" x 60"), but I need help digging the wells and cutting the concrete foundation + framing the rough opening.
Vicinity of Samish Way in Bellingham
Standing water in crawl space
Vicinity of Strawberry Pt Ct in Bellingham
Stream on crawl space need estimate asap
Vicinity of Valencia St. in Bellingham
Moisture rising under floor from wet ground.
Vicinity of North Shore Road in Bellingham
I am looking for a Crawl Space Dehumidifier that will fit thru my existing access port that is 14" x 17". And a quote to install it with a pump that has an overflow switch. Thanks for the help.
Vicinity of W Racine St in Bellingham
I have water in my crawl space and the one sump pump I have is inadequate.
Vicinity of Texas Street in Bellingham
I have an unfinished basement that we are interested in finishing, however there are some water issues. Specifically there is water coming up through concrete floor during heavy rain events. We are looking to find solutions.
Vicinity of McAlpine Rd in Bellingham
Looking for possible foundation repair, and crawl space work.
Vicinity of Kline Rd. in Bellingham
I h ave had a problem with rodents in my crawl space and would like the insulation removed and area encapsulated.
Vicinity of Humboldt St. in Bellingham
Need construction of new footing under part of main floor beam + clean-up and install of insulation & vapor barrier in crawl space
Vicinity of Wilson Ave in Bellingham
We have a 400-sq-ft detached cottage that has a crawlspace underneath. The crawlspace has 2-3 inches of water in it all winter. We would like to have a sump pump installed under there. We would also like someone to take a look in the crawlspace of our main house to give us recommendations for whether we should have a dehumidifier in there.
Vicinity of Yokeko Drive in Bellingham
I am building a new home in Anacortes and need waterproofing for the basement areas. Interested in putting a bid together?
Vicinity of West Connecticut Street in Bellingham
Need vapor barrier in house
Vicinity of E Laurel St in Bellingham
Unfinished basement water leakage and potential settling causing a leaning chimney. I would like to schedule a visit to estimate cost to repair the water leakage and see if water leakage is also contributing to some settling.
Vicinity of Northshore Rd in Bellingham
Crawl space and sump pump that needs to be set up, position properly.
Vicinity of Raymond St in Bellingham
Older home, last couple years weather water issues changed now South side of house has sunk causing drywall to crack around windows and back door sticks. Need leveling. Old floor leveling has adjusted on the front and North side. Need inspection and recommendations / quote. I work nights so mid mornings best time to get a hold of me. Mon through Wed & Fri ( 9:30 am to 11:30 am)
Vicinity of Edgefield Dr in Bellingham
My wife and I are looking to begin the planning stages of our next home project. We want to turn our crawl space into a basement. I saw crawl space but its rather large, most are able to stand up straight through more than half of it. Theres a large double door, windows, probably a sump pump so that a sink can be installed. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of S Forest Street in Bellingham
Basement is always damp. there is a dehumidifier down there, and it runs year round. would like an estimate on how to dry things out down there.
Vicinity of Chuckanut Drive in Bellingham
I have a basement crawl space that needs cleaning up/encapsulation and mold control
Vicinity of W Connecticut St in Bellingham
Hi, we have a 1922 craftsman home that has had some very noticeable movement - sloping floor, and cracking in the walls and foundation and would like a consult to see what needs to be done and what it might cost. Thank you, Alex
Vicinity of Orchid Ct in Bellingham
One corner of my house foundation is settling with obvious movement within the house. I believe the problem is caused by the foundation and footings not originally set on solid bed rock below. It is possible that a suspected failed drainage system around the foundation has caused wash out around the footings. A possible solution would be pin piles between bedrock and the foundation walls.
Vicinity of Finkbonner Rd in Bellingham
I am looking for someone to repair the vapor barrier and clean the crawl space beneath my home. My dog got under there are destroyed it as well as damaged some insulation.
Vicinity of Woodside Court in Bellingham
It's been 5+ years since we had the insulation in our crawlspace redone and the crawl space cleaned/inspected. Am interested in getting a quote to find out cost to clean and encapsulate our crawlspace. Curious: how long does encapsulation last? Also interested to know whether you offer financing. Thanks!
Vicinity of Finch Court in Bellingham
Crack in basement wall
Vicinity of Bayside Rd. in Bellingham
Just purchased home, had an inspection done and it recommended that crawl space be cleaned (indications of mice), and install new vapor barrier. Also recommended insulation be removed and replaced (some insulation has fallen), and recommended vents be covered and de-humidifer be installed. There were indications of water egress, which was likely due to roof down spouts being disconnected from gutter (rain water had no where to go except up against foundation.
Vicinity of Puget St in Bellingham
I have a beam/board??? that needs to be replaced in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Laurelwood Ave in Bellingham
This is for a home that I'm interested in buying.
Vicinity of Alderwood Ave in Bellingham
We have a crawl space that is in need of some repair. We are having some duct cleaning done and they noticed that the insulation is falling, potentially indicating at some point rodents may have been in there, and the vapor barrier is in need of repair.
Vicinity of Larkspur Court in Bellingham
Just bought home, wanted new vapor barrier in crawlspace.
Vicinity of Whipple Ct. in Bellingham
Cracks in garage & Driveway. Slumping floor, maybe?
Vicinity of Arbor St in Bellingham
We are under contract to purchase a small home. Inspector suggested we get a foundation professional iut to the house to give estimate on foundation repair. Very small opening to access currently.
Vicinity of E Smith Rd in Bellingham
Water in crawlspace, wet floor joists, mold
Vicinity of Viewmont Court in Bellingham
We are buying a house and the inspection came back with issues in the crawl space. We need clean up done, some insulation work but not much as well as sealing it up nice and tight! I have the inspection report and can send you all the info and pics that go along with it. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
Vicinity of Potter Street in Bellingham
Big repair and reclaim project on smallish 1900s 780 sq ft, one story home. Settling or sinking central beam, inadequate beam system, badly sagging joists some are compromised under 1/3 of floor.
Vicinity of Fieldston in Bellingham
Hey - Looking for a rough estimate on Crawl Space issues documented in my house inspection.
Vicinity of Alabama St in Bellingham
Would like to waterproof windows to basement and possible crawl space sealing.
Vicinity of W Hemmi Pl in Bellingham
Vicinity of Parkhurst Drive in Bellingham
We have some water in the garage and crawl space Thanks
Vicinity of Lindbergh Ave in Bellingham
Our basement has flooded numerous times and is in need of a waterproofing system. It's an older home with a sump pump, but water continuously finds its way through the seam where the concrete floor meets the wall. The basement is unfinished. Thanks
Vicinity of South Garden Street in Bellingham
We live in a house built in 1907 in Bellingham. For the past two days we have noticed a persistent seepage near our basement door. We would like you to take a look at it sometime this week if possible. (Jan. 2-5j
Vicinity of Henry St in Bellingham
Un level floors, supports out of place, insulation, treatment for borer beetles, new vapor barrier. Increase size of access points if possible
Vicinity of W Larson Rd in Bellingham
Need help waterproofing our basement and drainage concerns
Vicinity of W Cascade Ave in Bellingham
Insulation under house, wrap heating ducts and vapor barrier
Vicinity of Welling Road in Bellingham
In one corner of my crawl space, I have a puddle/standing water.
Vicinity of Mill Ave in Bellingham
Have a rental house, would like to remove old insulation and vapor barrier and replace with new
Vicinity of Verona St in Bellingham
The crawl space issues and the foundation. evaluate the sump pump.
Vicinity of Erie in Bellingham
After the last month of rains, we have quite a bit of seepage in our basement bonus room-Carpet in one area is saturated. We are concerned that there is not proper drainage in need your help.
Vicinity of M Forest St in Bellingham
Hi, We have about an inch of water in one section of our unfinished basement. It has gotten worse the last few weeks as the rain has picked up. We have a sump pump but it is not in that section of the basement. We are looking for someone to come out and take a look asap. Thank you, Kayla
Vicinity of Little Strawberry Lane in Bellingham
We have water underneath the vapor barrier in our crawl space. I suspect that it's coming from a spring that's about 50ft from the house. The top of the barrier is dry and there is only water in one area.
Vicinity of N Park DR. in Bellingham
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Samish Way in Bellingham
I have water seeping in from top of foundation wall in basement. Home built in 2016. Problem was noted at inspection and builder "repaired" it. Clearly he didn't.
Vicinity of Dellesta Drive in Bellingham
On our home inspection it appeared the crawl space under the Downstairs living area had previously flooded and all of the insulation was not attached the floor, and evidence of rodents were present, as well as improper covering of soil and exposed soil in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Lake Louise Drive in Bellingham
We need some ideas on what to do with the crawl space
Vicinity of Roma Rd in Bellingham
Cleanup crawl space, remove and replace insulation, remove and replace 6 mil. vapor, 4 foot high crawl, remove old material, outside access, 850 sf.
Vicinity of Roy Road in Bellingham
Daylight basement during moderate or prolonged rain we are getting leaks through the foundation wall. On closer inspection there appears to be several areas that are cracking. We need to get this evaluated and fixed before the rainy season hits. We recently completed a basement remodel before noticeing the leaks. Olivia
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Old crawl space, hard to get to without removing flooring or siding, house shimmed on foundation. 1801 35th st, bham. This is to say standard plastic sheeting, taping etc, not viable for 30% of crawl space without creating new access point. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cowgill Ave in Bellingham
We need one sump pump either repaired (if possible) or replaced. I would like to get a quote for repair, and a quote for replacemnet. Thank you, Julianna
Vicinity of Cowgill Ave in Bellingham
We would like someone to look at our sump pump- we recently bought this house and it seems like a "home-made" installation. Would like an evaluation of what it needs for improvement. Thanks
Vicinity of Samish Way in Bellingham
Need to replace failed sump pump
Vicinity of Sunset Ave in Bellingham
Pier and beam foundation repair we barely purchase this home
Vicinity of Sunflower Circle in Bellingham
Musty wet smell coming up from crawl space.
Vicinity of Hawk Way in Bellingham
I have a dry unfinished basement space under my house that formerly had a rodent problem and now needs cleaning, insulation repair, etc. to make it usable for storage again. The house was a rental, and now I live here, but have no idea how much it will cost to clean up the crawl space.
Vicinity of Taylor Ave in Bellingham
Looking to get an inactive sump pump working again.
Vicinity of Lakeway Drive in Bellingham
Potential purchase of a home that needs crawlspace work. The access is shallow and a some soil will need to be removed in areas to gain access. Looking for estimate on cost as well as how far out you are scheduling. Finally, is a permit required for this in Whatcom County? Thanks!!
Vicinity of W North St in Bellingham
Our home inspector found some joists that need repair in our crawlspace.
Vicinity of Chandler Pkwy in Bellingham
We have musty odors on the floor above our crawl space.
Vicinity of Ponderosa Court in Bellingham
Walk in basement with crawl space has falling insulation needs replacement .old debris needs removal from crawl space. rodent intrusion into wall needs to be sealed off. Also the soil in the crawl space needs to be covered. About 1000 sq feet/
Vicinity of E. Maryland St. in Bellingham
We are in the process of purchasing a home. The home inspection revealed some issues with the crawlspace- vermin and pooling water. I'd like to get an estimate on how much it would cost to remedy these issues. Would someone be able to go to the house and go into the crawlspace to give me a quote? Thank you very much.
Vicinity of G St. in Bellingham
We have a crawl space in pretty good condition--but vapor barrier has gaps and one corner of house does not have vapor barrier at all; some debris from previous construction also there. Seems like an easy job but prefer not to do it myself.
Vicinity of NW Ridge Lane in Bellingham
The crawl space under our house allows insect infestations. We constantly have bugs (spiders and weevils) entering the house. No amount of insect spraying reduces this. I hope that a better barrier will minimize this problem. The crawl space is approximately 3-4 feet in height. In the crawl space there is currently heavy plastic sheeting on the ground as a barrier. Please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss your services. Thank you.
Vicinity of College Street in Bellingham
Old house, post and beam foundation, very uneven floors. Deterioration in structural beams.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Clean crawl space install new vapor barrier
Vicinity of Sudden Valley Dr. in Bellingham
Foundation has settled causing the home to have a safe. Needs to be leveled.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Front corner of garage floor seems to be sinking and the driveway outside of garage seems to be undermined.
Vicinity of Xenia St in Bellingham
I have several old damaged joists and beams that need to be replaced and/or restored.
Vicinity of Spring Rd in Bellingham
Small water leak is causing damage to the footer and leaking into the crawl space. Request estimate for french drain or possible solution to the problem.
Vicinity of Lincoln Street in Bellingham
Sinking foundation
Vicinity of Whatcom Street in Bellingham
Looking to purchase a home. Our home inspector discovered two large foundation cracks. One even going horizontally for a portion of the crack. We were advised to seek a structural specialist to find out the severity and cost of repair.
Vicinity of Coolidge Drive in Bellingham
I am interested in a quote for updating the vapor barrier in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Frankin St in Bellingham
House built 1908ish; front is on sandstone and side/rear on concrete walls (probably no footers), One corner is lower.
Vicinity of Chuckanut Shore Rd in Bellingham
My basement has flooded 2 times in past 2 weeks.
Vicinity of I St. in Bellingham
I need an estimate on foundation repair at 1605 I st. Bellingham wa. As soon as possible. Thank you
Vicinity of Roslyn Pl in Bellingham
Small house, but loud squeeks and bouncy feel to oak and pergo floors. Got to fix the squeeks.
Vicinity of BIRCHWOOD AVE in Bellingham
Old house. Concrete foundation settling, floor joists sagging
Vicinity of I Street in Bellingham
Leaky basement
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Water in basement with large rainfall or post snowfall
Vicinity of Alabama Street in Bellingham
I have a crawlspace that has some standing water because there are two or three layers of vapor barrier. I'd be interested in new insulation, removal of extra vapor barrier, and having a sump pump installed with trenching dug to sump pump to remove excess water. House is 1200 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Willow Ct North in Bellingham
Water coming in basement bedroom HElP
Vicinity of Brandy Wine Way in Bellingham
Vicinity of Cherry in Bellingham
Looking to get a bid on crawl v.b.
Vicinity of South Grace Lane in Bellingham
Vicinity of Humboldt in Bellingham
The humboldt house was built in the 1920s on a sandstone foundation. the house has a definite lean to the north. i have noticed a few cracks in the interior which may be due to this shifting. i would like to have the problem repaired. thank you jennifer titus
Vicinity of Ridgemont Way in Bellingham
I have a 70's split-level, half of which has crawl space underneath. I don't believe that I have serious moisture issues in the crawl space, but I have a crumpled vapor barrier and zero insulation. I would like an itemized estimate for a new vapor barrier and installing insulation around my water pipes and between my floor joists. Wednesday are the best day for me to be home for an estimate.
Vicinity of Cedar Acres St in Bellingham
My wife and I recently purchased a cabin on Lake Samish and believe it should have insulation under it, especially the bathroom and kitchen. The current insulation is falling off and needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Hello, Our home buying inspection yesterday found a host of moderate moisture issues, and if you can give me some estimates on this work before our inspection period ends Monday evening, that would be excellent! Here are the crawl space excerpts from our inspector's report: (1) The crawlspace exhibits white fungus on numerous floor joists. The crawlspace has a moisture issue, and lacks adequate ventilation. Some standing water accummulates in the crawlspace. Have a license building contractor further inspect the crawlspace for moisture damage and make the necessary repairs. (2) Remove rodent contaminated insulation in the crawlspace and replace. (3) The crawlspace has rats. Consult with a pest control operator in this matter. It is my understanding that the fungus is relatively recent and has not yet done any damage. Thank you so much, Melissa
Vicinity of Kenoyer Dr in Bellingham
Crawl space and all related issues.
Vicinity of Country Lane in Bellingham
We would have a 3 year old home with water in crawl space. thinking about crawl space drainage and sump pump.
Vicinity of E. Alpine Dr. in Bellingham
We need a cover for our crawl space.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Our crawl space needs a new vapor barrier. The posts in the crawl space also need to be better secured.
Vicinity of Roma in Bellingham
There is a footing that runs through the center of my house in the crawl space that is losing elevation and the wall is dropping from the ceiling.
Vicinity of Birchwood Avenue in Bellingham
Crawl space gets puddles
Vicinity of Coolidge in Bellingham
We've purchased an older house and think having a finished crawl would be really nice.
Vicinity of Grant St. in Bellingham
Had home inspection - inspector said issues with foundation. Would like to know what this is and how to remediate.
Vicinity of Shady Lane in Bellingham
Recently purchased home that is right near marshy area. We have been told that when water level rises the basement has flooded. Right now it stinks and we would like to know the cost to permanantly fix flooding issues so we can finish basement.
Vicinity of W Lake Samish Dr in Bellingham
Crawl space needs new vapor barrier and insulation installed. Sump pump could also updating.
Vicinity of Lakeview Street. in Bellingham
I want kind of a diagnostic from under my house as I have a slight concern there may be a bit of water underneath. Please let me know what that might cost for a simple diagnostic.
Vicinity of I St. in Bellingham
We bought our home about a year and a half ago, it'd been a rental for at least 30 years and had been pretty neglected. The floors are very sloped and before we start doing any renovations we would like to see about getting the foundation repaired so that we're starting out with level floors. We are interested in having someone come out and check it out and give us a quote at this time.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
We have a pending sale on home built in 1911 and has a post and beam foundation. The appraiser has noted water intrusion in the basement. We require a foundation inspection and any needed repairs. Please let me know if your company does this. Thanks, Randy
Vicinity of C Street in Bellingham
When it rains hard, we get water in parts of our basement.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Water leaking under footing into crawlspace
Vicinity of Lasalle Ave in Bellingham
Standing water in crawl space.
Vicinity of Nevada in Bellingham
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Academy Rd in Bellingham
Crawel space clean-up. Water and mice in area.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
I have a home with a wet crawl space and would like an estimate
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Crawl space is dirty, insulation has fallen down and rotted apart, exposed pipes, rat/mouse poop.
Vicinity of West North Street in Bellingham
I have cracks in my foundation. looking for a cost to repair cracks. It is an old house and the cracks have been present for years. when i purchased the home 13 years ago it was an issue with the bank. we may sell and i want to repair it prior. thanks gil
Vicinity of Old Lakeway Drive in Bellingham
Hello! I found your ad on Google. We have some problems in our bottom half level that needs to be addressed. I'm not sure if it's a foundation issue or just a waterproofing one.
Vicinity of Park St in Bellingham
I would like a quote for repairing my cinder block foundation. 845 sq ft house built in 1900. I'm dealing with sloping floors.
Vicinity of Morning Beach Drive in Bellingham
Buying a house and we're new to the area.
Vicinity of E Victor Street in Bellingham
I just had an inspection done on a house I want to buy. Discovered tons of water in crawl space; 875 sf house, no basement, no plumbing problems. Need estimate of how much it would cost to fix!
Vicinity of Woodlake in Bellingham
Recently had home inspection on home we are purchasing. Home inspector said ventilation in crawl space not to code. need quote for fixing this issue. ASAP
Vicinity of Larrabee Ave in Bellingham
Our 1921 house has a basement with moisture issues. It's an unfinished basement where we believe the ground water permeates the cememnt walls. We would like to finish/remodel our basement but really need to address this first.
Vicinity of Carolina St in Bellingham
I have a damp spot in my basement along an outside wall
Vicinity of in Bellingham
I own a rental duplex which has standing water in the crawlspace. I'm curious what can be done to remedy the situation.
Vicinity of Alice St in Bellingham
I have had this house rented out. I live in colorado. I am coming into town on August 1st to inspect. There is a water problem in the basement and the drywall has gotten wet.
Vicinity of Sunset Dr in Bellingham
Stream runs under foundation making basement wet.
Vicinity of Queen St. in Bellingham
In the process of buying home. Want to get a quote for installing a vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of Nevada St in Bellingham
Non existent crawlspace insulation and disheveled vapor barrier. Would be interested in a quote to re-do the crawlspace.
Vicinity of SEA PINES RD in Bellingham
My sun room/patio foundation is settling and needs to be stabilized.
Vicinity of Portal Drive in Bellingham
Our sump pump does not reliably work.
Vicinity of Country Lane in Bellingham
Water not draining well, basement wet when it rains
Vicinity of E. Oregon St. in Bellingham
Built and have lived in our home for 22 years and haven't been in crawl space for maybe 8-10 years. We've noticed a bad smell in our downstairs bathroom recently. It smells like a dead animal I think. Thanks, Eric
Vicinity of Sunset Dr in Bellingham
Water leaking into partially finished basement.
Vicinity of Galbraith Lane in Bellingham
I have removed the insulation from my crawlspace. I need to reinsulate the area and seal any area's that animals may be entering from the crawspace into the house.
Vicinity of Cedarwood in Bellingham
[1] last spring I would smell mildew when the furnace came on. I'm allergic to mold, so I don't want to turn on the heat this fall until the problem is solved. [2] Around Labor Day the smell of a dead animal was strong coming from the crawlspace. I had problems with a rat a few years ago, so it's probably a rat. I haven't smelled it for a week, tho is was hot last week, so it's probably not too bad to go under there and pull it out now.
Vicinity of North Shore Road in Bellingham
Need sump pump and basement leaking. Had an estimator come out before and can't find his contact info
Vicinity of Iron St. in Bellingham
The crawl space needs to be cleaned and vapor barrier installed. We just bought the house and moved in.
Vicinity of Lincoln St in Bellingham
The floors are uneven and the house may be settling in the rear. Also the piers in the crawl space seem to be installed incorrectly.
Vicinity of Donovan Ave in Bellingham
Moisture, rodents, insulation, odor. We had a decent vapor barrier but it hasn't been the same since a major construction project several years ago. That and cleaning up the loose insulation and replacing what has fallen out from below the floor would be great.
Vicinity of Franklin Street in Bellingham
We are interested in a sump pump and need our crawl space waterproofed.
Vicinity of in Bellingham
Insulation needs to be repaired/replaced in between floor joists. Also insulation needs repair around heating duct in crawlspace leaving clear 20" line exposed. Vapor barrier is torn away in several areas and probably needs to be replaced as well. May need to troubleshoot where water is entering also.
Vicinity of Springland Lane in Bellingham
Considering a crawl space repair and would like to know how much it costs.
Vicinity of Woodridge Drive in Bellingham
Water in crawlspace. Have already disconnected downspouts from underground perferated pipes near hose and installed a sump pump. before I spend any more money I want to be absolutely sure it will help. thanks.
Vicinity of Milwaukee Rd in Bellingham
Interested in crawlspace encapsulation
Vicinity of Padden Hills Court in Bellingham
Crawlspace needs insulation, encapsulation, and a sump pump replacement.
Vicinity of Lakeway Dr in Bellingham
We have water weeping through the wall of our basement right adjacent to a room we recently finished down there. We'd like to not have to tear out the room we just finished, so we're hoping we can work around that.
Vicinity of E Pacificview Dr in Bellingham
Ground slopes towards house, would like help with drainage recommendations, currently have sump pump installed, but would like new one installed with alarm, also would like crawl space redone, current vapor barrier is inadequate.
Vicinity of Academy St. in Bellingham
I need insulation installed in the crawlspace. House is 900 sq ft.
Vicinity of Edwards Ct in Bellingham
Crawl space vapor barrier, sealing. Concerned about molds.
Vicinity of Baker Creek Place in Bellingham
We have had water under our building that we purchased for about 3 years now. I would like to look at a solution to keep the water out.
Vicinity of King St. in Bellingham
The block foundation on my house is bowing outward. i see rot in sill.
Vicinity of Franklin St in Bellingham
We are interested in a french drain and possible basement waterproofing. Currently our basement gets water in it during heavier rains.
Vicinity of W Illinois in Bellingham
I am the potential buyer of a home with foundation issues due to beetles and need an estimate on how much it will cost to remedy the issue before I negotiate the final purchase of the home.
Vicinity of Welling Rd in Bellingham
Need to replace a broken sump pump.
Vicinity of Bayside Rd in Bellingham
On our home purchase inspection the crawlspace was identified as a concern. We are hopeful to use a quote to negotiate repairs prior to closing.
Vicinity of Iron Street in Bellingham
We have a wet 'fruit cellar' (small room-8x10-with exterior entrance) and want to convert it to a laundry room. There are cracks in the floor and silt is oozing up through them. There is a drain in place and electric outlets. Need a quote.
Vicinity of Cottonwood in Bellingham
We are purchasing this house and the sump pump shows signs that there is no back flow valve as well as there are a few cracks in the foundation. I would like to know if it is structurally sound and what it would cost to repair. I can send you the inspection report if needed and/or meet you at the property for an inspection.
Vicinity of View Ridge Dr. in Bellingham
Hi, I had a contractor put gravel under my home today. There was some standing water. He said the insulation was falling down and I needed more work done. I am looking for an estimate. Also could have a moisture prob
Vicinity of Lange Rd in Bellingham
Need to replace beam, several posts, floor joists and sill (crawl space)due to bug damage. Also would like to get estimate of finishing crawlspace including insulation, vapor barrier, pipe insulation, etc.
Vicinity of Fieldston Rd in Bellingham
Water leaking out of joints in the drainage system around the house, with water under the moisture barrier in the crawl space. Have already had the leaky old drainage system pipes replaced with new pipes but still have leakage around the joints.
Vicinity of Windtree Ct in Bellingham
Hello my crawl space gets water and I dont know from where I would like to see if I can get a quote thank you.
Vicinity of F. St in Bellingham
The support beams in the crawl space are rotting and some have fallen over, I was wondering what the cost would be to replace the beams. Chris
Vicinity of Spinnaker Ln in Bellingham
We just moved in and is noticing uneven floors and was suspecting the foundation may have sank. I'm looking for an inspector to see if I can alleviate the problem.
Vicinity of Donovan Ave in Bellingham
Accumulating water in crawl space, sump pump shut off having trouble, flow toward sump pump isn't good.

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