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Learn more about Rainy Day Basement Systems' recent work requests in Anacortes, WA
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Need an estimate on foundation cracks
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Just removed old furnace from crawl space and had new one installed within the house. Installer noted that insulation battens were falling from between floor joists. Need that repaired and new moisture barrier installed. thanks..karl yost 425-508-3230
Vicinity of Kingsway in Anacortes
Foundation repair
Vicinity of Marine Heights Way in Anacortes
Moisture in my crawl space
Vicinity of Guemes Island Road in Anacortes
Need crawl space under house cleaned and insulation replaced
Vicinity of Fidalgo in Anacortes
Clean crawl space and reinsulate with new vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Fallen insulation needs to be fixed.
Vicinity of G Ave in Anacortes
Odor coming up from crawl space--probably due to recent heavy rain.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
I would like a quote for replacement of our vapor barrier in our basement space. We have an existing sump pump but it is on solid rock so it doesn't get low enough to capture all water that flows to the low spot.
Vicinity of SHARPE ROAD in Anacortes
I have a small house approximately 400 sq. feet that needs crawlspace clean-out and some excavation done to improve access to underneath house.
Vicinity of Guemes View in Anacortes
House built in 1986. Tir-level house. Has crawl space under living room, dining room and kitchen. There is a 2 foot square access opening from the garage to the crawl space. Crawl space about 4 feet high. Has concrete foundation with two 2 feet wide concrete runs for floor supports. That makes 3 open spaces 7 feet wide and 18 feet long. The front and middle spaces have1-3" of standing water depending on location measured and the back space is completely dry. There is a vapor barrier that was put in when house was built. Water is on top of the barrier in some areas. Water level never really seems to change at various times of year. No water leaks noted. Wanting to try to get rid of water and keep area dry. Need advice and/or estimate on how to fix problem. Thank you.
Vicinity of Channel View Drive in Anacortes
Recently purchased a house with pier foundations that have been undermined and floor sagging. Needs to be fixed! We also have a failing timber tie retaining wall that needs to be replaced or fixed. Thanks
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Some insulation falling down,rodent fecies,loose vapor barrier. Typical 1950 crawl,
Vicinity of S. Campbell Lake Rd in Anacortes
1720 sq. ft. (one floor) one year old new construction. Looking to improve crawl space drainage. Currently graded flat floor with 6 mil. black plastic cover. Has sump pump located in a deep part of the crawl.
Vicinity of R AVE in Anacortes
Possible drainage system around house, wetness under house Gutter system getting old
Vicinity of Kingsway in Anacortes
Water draining into the house eroding the dirt under the footings. Settling in crawl space.
Vicinity of Schooner Drive in Anacortes
House is 2 years old. Cracks in foundation, cabinets gaping between wall and cabinet, walls not plum.
Vicinity of Fidalgo Ave in Anacortes
1930's home with sloped floors throughout. 2x4 floor joists need repair.
Vicinity of Bryce Dr in Anacortes
I'm getting water in my craw space, think it might be drainage problem around foundation? French drains, etc, not sure
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Standing water in my basement, approximately 2". Need it drained, probably humidifier for awhile. Preventive solutions. Please contact asap, thank you!
Vicinity of in Anacortes
I have had rats in my crawl space and they have damaged the fiberglass insulation in the floor joist. The crawl space is well vented. I don't know if this is good or bad. The crawl space is approx. 5 to 8. Foot high. Is there a big advantage to having a conditioned crawl space?
Vicinity of D Ave in Anacortes
Vicinity of Kingsway in Anacortes
25 yr-old house water seeping under footings to crawl space. Grade and rainwater discharge problem. Numerous ideas but need economical and functional advice. Thanx
Vicinity of Commercial in Anacortes
Crawlspace with water intrusion.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Standing water in crawl space on top of vinyl sheeting. Pooled at one side of crawl space since we are on slight slope.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Need an estimate on cleaning and sealing a crawl space for an 1100 sq foot house
Vicinity of Cedar Glen Way in Anacortes
Cold storage area at the back of the house entrance through the garage, that houses the water heater and heater, has a lake starting to fill up. Part of the rock hillside I am positioned on is in that space and that is how the water is entering the area. It is then flowing into the garage through a crack. I am worried about possible overflow into the house. We have gotten a lot of rain before and I was not here last year to see this.
Vicinity of Gibralter Rd in Anacortes
Have a tight crawl space entry. I can hear water gurgling through heat ducts under the first floor and furnace seems to be laboring.
Vicinity of Marine Crest Pl in Anacortes
We have a water through our basement wall and would like a professional opinion/quote.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
I need advice on the status/condition of the foundation of our old home.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Odor coming up thru pocket door in our bedroom. No standing water in crawl space right now.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
I need some posts and piers replaced under my house, as well as a vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Squirrels have gotten into crawl space and torn up insulation and stored quite a few pinecones!
Vicinity of in Anacortes
1925 daylight basement is flooding and there is no rain so it needs help. There is an old sidewalk in the way to see where the water is coming might be from next door or even the street. Need estimate right away. Does not look like any of our water lines are leaking.
Vicinity of Woodside Dr in Anacortes
Would like to get an estimate to have a sump pump installed in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Rosario Way in Anacortes
Leaky basement. Rained like hell two days ago. Just noticed the carpet was soaked in the corner of one of the basement rooms. Smells slightly musty- may have been happening for the past couple weeks or so. We have a boiler system that pipes right past that corner, but I am fairly certain that is not leaking. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Water in crawl space. Low clearance.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
I have plans to sell my home soon and discovered standing water in the crawl space. Hoping for a quick inspection and estimate so I can determine best way to proceed.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Remove crawl space water, add sump pump
Vicinity of Parkside Drive in Anacortes
The old vapor barrier is not in good shape. The space is damp/wet much of the year.
Vicinity of Shelby Ct in Anacortes
The house is up for sale. We need the crawl space to pass inspection for sale of house
Vicinity of San Juan Hill Lane in Anacortes
Existing home flooded by water main break. Looking for contractor for push piers or pin piles to stabilize foundation.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
1903 construction home with a 1980s-era basement (house was put on jacks and set down on the foundation). After every sustained rain, we get some degree of water penetration - from puddles around 3 of the walls to a few inches. Been putting up with it since 2006 - would like to know our options if an estimate can be done over the next week or two. Thanks
Vicinity of Yokeko Dr. in Anacortes
Water leaking in soaking carpet and pad. We've pulled back both and tried patch but want more information for permanent solution.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Foundation cracked house needs releveling. Front and back porches are sagging. Previous owners had broken pipes that washed out dirt from under foundaton. Just want to get a estimate to see where we are at in cost.
Vicinity of Guemes View in Anacortes
I am currently in negotiations to purchase this home. Initial inspections have revealed a damp crawlspace, improperly vented, with detatched insulation and debris. We would like a quote for needed repairs in the crawlspace that we can take to our renegotiation as soon as possible. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Anacortes
Our house is on a crawl space with a sump pump installed. I just discovered some flooding in about 1/3 to 1/2 of the crawl space and it appears that the sump pump has stopped working. We would like to arrange for repair or replacement. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Anacortes
I would appreciate speaking with you about a free inspection and estimate.

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