Case Studies

Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Waterproofing for Sedro Woolley Crawl Space and Basement

Friday, June 17th, 2016 by Chantele Machado


Karol N. and his wife had lived in their Sedro Woolley home for 51 long years. They were planning on moving but were concerned about the price they could get for their home because it had such a dirty basement and crawl space. The crawl space had fallen insulation, rodent problems and was lacking a vapor barrier. The basement had mold growing on the drywall near the stairs, the odor was wafting into the rest of the home and they both had standing water. They knew that no one was going to buy the house in that kind of condition.


Rainy Day dealt with the crawl space first. They encapsulated the space with CleanSpace, our antimicrobial liner that greatly reduces the amount of moisture that is allowed into the space. A drainage trench was installed to absorb water from the ground in addition to the walls. The trench is designed with spacers on the back to keep it ever so slightly separated from the wall, to allow water in that way. A TripleSafe Sump Pump was installed; this pumps all of the captured water out of the discharge line. The TripleSafe is our most effective pump. It offers three times the protection by including two water outlets, two pumps that can process up to an impressive 6,200 gallons per hour and a battery backup system for worst case scenarios, like a power outage. The discharge line flows the water out of the LawnScape Outlet, a discreet outlet that releases the water a safe distance away from the homes foundation.

The basement received some transformations as well. The walls were covered with the CleanSpace Wall System, which is similar to the lining but comes in thicker panels. They too are waterproof and prevent against the growth of mold or mildew. A WaterGuard drainage trench was installed to capture water seeping in from the walls and the ground. In their basement, Karol and his wife decided to go with a SmartSump Pump because their basement got less water than their crawl space. And in the instance anything goes wrong, they will still have their TripleSafe protecting their crawl space.

Karol and his wife can now feel good knowing they are selling their home with a basement and crawl space in the best condition they can be.