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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Fixing a Dirty, Moldy, and Rodents-Infested Crawl Space in Sultan, WA

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 by Bayleigh Stelling


After living in his Sultan, WA, home for nearly twenty years, Sherman was ready to get his dirty, rodent-infested crawl space under control. His existing insulation was falling down, providing perfect nesting space for the rats. We sent our System Design Specialist, Ryan Adams, out to provide a free inspection and estimate and determine a solution for the Sherman's dirty crawl space problem.


The inspection and estimate led to the discovery of mold growth and rats, who were beginning to tunnel underneath the foundation.


A crawl space that’s damp and dirty can cause problems across the board with health, safety, comfort at stake. Dirty crawl spaces create a favorable environment for mold, wood rot, and rodents. By encapsulating and sealing the crawl space using a highly-durable vapor barrier such as CleanSpace, we can protect the home from mold, moisture, and unwanted pest intrusion.


We began the project by removing all debris and cleaning out the crawl space of loose organic material such as old vapor barriers, and old fiberglass insulation. We also installed our SmartDrain. This is for the homeowners who may not have problems with groundwater leakage, but still want protection in the case of a plumbing leak so that the encapsulated area does not fill with water.


Our crew then laid down drainage matting. This is to prevent water from getting trapped underneath the new vapor barrier which enabled us to successfully install our CleanSpace Encapsulation System throughout the crawl space.


CleanSpace is a 20mil thick, mechanically fastened vapor barrier used to seal away the home from the earth. Since the newly encapsulated crawl space is unvented, that means pests are unable to penetrate, and Sherman no longer has to waste money on heating the large, vented space under his home.


Once sealed, we inserted our SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier in the crawl space, which promotes healthy moisture levels and hinders allergen growth so that the air quality is clean and mold-free throughout the living space.


As a result of the work we completed for Sherman, we transformed his once dirty, moldy space, into a dry, controlled, and most of all, comfortable environment.


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Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Ryan Adams