Case Studies

Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Oak Harbor Basement that Needed Finishing

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 by Chantele Machado


Barbara and Richard J. spent years battling with their leaky basement. They had been living in their Oak Harbor home since 1984, and more recently, anywhere between a couple of inches to more than a foot of water would make its way into their basement during heavy rains. Over those years, water has caused several damages to their home including to book shelves, cabinets and drywall itself. They contacted Rainy Day Basement Systems because they wanted their basement completely updated and finished with the expectation it could be utilized any day of the week.


To prevent water seepage from reaching Barbara and Richard’s basement walls, Rainy Day installed our WaterGuard sub-floor drainage system. Specially designed to prevent clogging, this drainage system effectively and efficiently captures seepage and directs it to their newly installed TripleSafe Sump Pump.

As our best pump, it quite literally is triple safe by incorporating three pumps in one to offer Barbara and Richard the utmost peace of mind. In the event that the pump calls for greater pumping volume, a second pump will start, pumping volumes up to 6,200 gallons per hour. The third pump is battery operated and turns on in cases like power outages. This system is completely automatic and requires little to no attention from the homeowner.

To give the basement walls a clean and finished look, Total Basement Finishing Panels were installed. The panels are manufactured completely out of inorganic materials, achieving a product that is both durable and waterproof eliminating the opportunity for mold and mildew growth. To complement the wall panels, ThermalDry Parquet Basement Flooring was added. The bottoms of the flooring tiles have pegs elevating them just enough to create an airspace underneath the floor, causing the floor to be up to 10 degrees warmer than the concrete slab below. Like the wall panels, ThermalDry Flooring is also made of inorganic materials and unlike wood, will not rot or buckle.

Barbara and Richard are thrilled with their new basement. It is now ready and useable for any occasion.