Case Studies

Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Waterproofing a Leaky Basement & Crawl Space in Sedro-Woolley, WA

Monday, August 5th, 2019 by Bayleigh Stelling



Joanna began having problems with her home over the last few years because her crawl space and basement were leaking during heavy rains. She knew the water damage could eventually lead to rot, and did not want to settle for a band-aid or temporary fix. After learning about Rainy Day from the SICBA Home Show, our inspector, Jean-Paul, came out for a free estimate to go over solutions and they determine a plan to fix her wet crawl space and basement before it got worse!



To begin Joanna’s project, we dug trenches and built a drainage system that featured our WaterGuard. The incredible WaterGuard channel was designed to go around the perimeter of the basement or crawl spaces and guide water into the TripleSafe sump pump system with ease.


We highly recommend the TripleSafe for most homes because it is scientifically engineered to handle almost any water problem a home can face. For instance, if the power shuts off, our TripleSafe has a battery back-up to support the system and continue functioning. It features dual-pumps, so if one pump were to ever fail, the second would kick in automatically to keep up with the demand.


We buried a discharge line outside which goes through a perimeter wall and connects to our IceGuard fitting. The IceGuard prevents the line from freezing. At the end of the exterior discharge line, we installed the LawnScape Outlet which blends in with yard and is a low-key way to let the water escape away from the home. The goal is to manage the water coming in, and control it with this highly efficient system.


Joanna’s basement and crawl space was fully-encapsulated using CleanSpace, and will isolate the home from the earth's moisture. An EverLast Door was custom-fit to the access with removable rust-proof fasteners and a neoprene gasket. We also installed Foamax rigid foam insulation on the crawl space walls. Insulating basement walls with Foamax will provide both comfort and energy bill savings. It leaves the walls clean and bright, and protects from moisture while reducing condensation.


Finally, we conditioned the area under the home using our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. As a high-performance filtration system, the SaniDry prevents mold and musty odors and leaves dry, healthy air in the home. 


Since completing the project, Joanna is free to enjoy the beauty of a rainy day without the worry of leaks under her home.