Case Studies

Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Legal Egress Windows in Bellingham, WA Basement

Thursday, May 9th, 2019 by Bayleigh Stelling


Cameron found out after recently purchasing a home in Bellingham, the four bedroom he thought he bought was only certified to be two. Half of the bedrooms, which were located in the basement, weren't up to code. The windows needed adjustments to ensure safety for his family to escape from in the case of an emergency. In addition to the windows, he also needed to have window wells installed and concrete to be cut into the foundation.

It is highly important to have legal egress window installation for the rooms to be permitted. Luckily, Rainy Day has the right tools and expertise to protect homes at a high quality that abides by the law.


Our Project Coordinator, Kevin, began taking measurements and strategizing solutions complete the engineering. The southern window needed to be cut to have a new opening above the existing window in order to meet the appropriate height for windowsills. The concrete also had to be cut down from the stem wall.

The production crew started excavating window wells and working on the foundation. We also installed a SuperSump sump pump system which will prevent moisture in the basement.

Egress windows are a must-have for basements to provide ventilation, natural lighting, and most of all, safety.  These completely functional windows are discrete and elegant and guaranteed to be certified. Our window wells are also one solid piece and rigid enough to withstand external elements with ease.

Products used:

  • SuperSump
    • This incredible sump pump features a durable basin and Zoeller pump. It is designed with a battery backup in case of pump failure and is completely airtight.
  • EverLast Window
    • EverLast Windows are anti-rust and low maintenance. Forget the old days of rotting wood, leaks, and drafty basements with this safe and energy efficient window in place.
  • RockWell
    • You get more than just aesthetically pleasing window wells with these realistically textured products, you also get high-strength composite that will be protected from external pressure that backfill can cause.
  • RockWell Cover
    • A lightweight polycarbonate cover that allows for both ventilation and safety while keeping fallen debris from entering the well.

Project Summary

Project Coordinator: Kevin Clark

System Design Specialist: Jean-Paul Holcomb