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Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Concrete, WA Basement Waterproofing

After purchasing her home in Concrete, Wa, Kathy took on the exciting role of remodeling her new place. One of her first projects she decided to do flooring on the upper levels of the home. Unfortunately, once the project began she found out the floors were too uneven to proceed. She knew there were foundation issues, but did not know the extent of the problem. The home had a partial basement, partial crawl space. The problem worsened when the basement started to leak. After hearing about numerous fixes and options from contractors and friends, she decided to look for the experts in the field. She wanted to have a dry basement permanently, so we tailored a design to fit her needs. With a complete waterproofing system to help with the settling and prevent future leaks, Kathy is completely satisfied with her results!

CleanSpace installed in Concrete, WA, Basement

This basement was leaking frequently enough to cause mold to grow. The basement had odors and humidity that prompted the homeowner to call us for our free inspection. We installed our WaterGuard® basement waterproofing system. This system comes complete with a written transferable warranty! Now they will have a clean, dry basement with no more mold!

Before & After Basement Waterproofing in Monroe, WA

Kraig and Janel were dealing with periodic leaking during heavy rain in their Monroe basement. The seepage through the walls was a major problem and they wanted to get it fixed. We solved the leak using our basement DryTrak Basement Drainage System. DryTrak is noninvasive and installed above ground. The practical design safely rids the basement of water seepage to ensure the area stays dry.

Oak Harbor, WA Basement to Beautiful

Imagine if your basement started flooding every time it rained. That was the reality for Richard in his Oak Harbor, WA home until Rainy Day came to save the day. With water creeping in, mold started growing making his basement unappealing. We went right to work at Richard’s home and began addressing the moisture issues by placing a WaterGuard drainage system. Similar to a French drain, WaterGuard collects water and directs it to the TripleSafe sump pump chamber. We then installed insulated EverLast Wall Panels throughout the basement, transitioning the area to an aesthetically pleasing living space. The materials used in our panels are moisture resistant to prevent further damage and maximum protection to the area. We finished with new, water-resistant flooring throughout the basement.

Sump Pump Company Arlington, WA

Mike was looking for a company to repair his very wet basement in Arlington, WA. Each year, his basement would flood during the rainy season. After years of trying band-aid fixes, he was finally ready to solve it for good. He called the experts at Rainy Day Basement Systems, and we sent our Design Specialist, Zach, out for a free inspection and estimate. Once we had a thorough look at the basement area, and a plan in place, we were ready to get to work. Our crew installed a full-perimeter interior drainage channel, WaterGuard IOS, to capture leaks along the wall/floor joint. This basement needed two highly-capable TripleSafe Sump Pump Systems to fully control groundwater seepage. The walls were lined using a 20mil thick CleanSpace liner, leaving the space clean, dry, and protected. That protection includes all of our work backed by our 25-year guarantee.

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