Mold-X2 Kills Mold in Crawl Spaces & Attics & Helps Prevent Future Growth

Wood in environments with a high relative humidity level tends to soak in moisture and eventually grow mold. Home spaces like the crawl space or the attic are specially prone to mold problems.

Poor design, improper ventilation, lack or proper air sealing or a combination of these factors make it very difficult to control relative humidity in these areas. Taking steps to get moisture under control -- such as sealing and dehumidifying the crawl space is paramount to keep your home mold free, but what can be done when mold is already present in the wood?

Mold-X2 is an effect and safe solution to kill mold in crawl spaces and attics. It also helps prevent future growth. Results are immediately visible , as you can see in this video.

Mold-X2 Cleaner is the preparation used to clean and kill mold in wood. Just a few seconds after the application, the mold is completely gone, and the wood looks almost as good as new. Mold-X2 Botanical is a preparation used after the Cleaner application, to help prevent any future mold growth in the treated area.

Mold-X2 is available exclusively with us through our extensive dealership network. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate today!