Customer Testimonial from Jarrod R. in Snohomish, WA

I want to thank Rainy Day Basements for a great job on my really old crawl space.  I own a 1902 Victorian in Snohomish oldtown and when I bought the place, my inspector came up from the crawl space and told me "I would not buy this place."  It was a disaster down there.  

After going ahead with the purchase, we got several quotes for crawl space cleanups and other services.  The one that kept us thinking (and frankly kept us up at night) was the "full crawl space encapsulation" quote from Rainy Day.  It sounded like the most expensive option but also sounded like it would be one of the best investments we made in our house.  If the part of the house that the rest of the house is built upon isn't healthy, then what do you really have?  

We decided to go ahead with the full encapsulation.  We want to thank Ed for taking the extra time with us to run through the options (including working with us on the cost estimate) and to understand the science and the "why" behind what we were doing.  Then Kevin, Wyatt and his crew came and knocked out a beautiful job.  I am not kidding when I say that I could eat off the floor of my 1902 crawl space now.  This system is solid and will protect my home and help us with improved air quality in our home from here on out.  

Rainy Day did everything promised and never made us doubt our investment. Those guys work really hard to do what they do.  We look forward to having them come back annually to take a look at their work and make sure all things are in good working order.

When I go to sell this house, I promise you that at least one photo of this beautiful crawl space will be a part of the photos that will sell this house in a single day!!

Thank you, Your friends in Snohomish in oldtown!!

- Jarrod R. of Snohomish, WA
Wednesday, February 26th
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