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  • "Super super nice crew and never once was there any problem with neatness or being careless. It was just a..." Read Full Testimonial

    Karl W. of Arlington, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Many years ago, we started to realize that our house was settling. It’s been in a slow and steady rate of settling for a long long time. I chose Rainy Day even though I got bids from some other companies. First of all because I know Dan very well. I trust him. He’s a very forthright person. And, I have talked to other people who have had work done by him and they were very very pleased. So, that made up my mind that I am going to go with Rainy Day. Super super nice crew and never once was there any problem with neatness or being careless. It was just a super job. The most noticeable difference right off the bat is our house is now level again. Doors that would not shut before, shut normally now. Office drawers that would never stay shut—I had to lock them with boxes to keep them shut—the drawers do not come open on their own anymore. It is perfectly level. We got it right back to its original position, which we never thought would happen.
    Karl W.
    Arlington, WA
  • "Very satisfied. They were very good." Read Full Testimonial

    David and Bonny R. of Mount Vernon, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very satisfied. They were very good. They kept things clean and cleaned up after themselves.
    David and Bonny R.
    Mount Vernon, WA
  • "Good job. Nice guys." Read Full Testimonial

    Daria & Brad S. of Bellingham, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Good job. Nice guys. Heard about you from a friend.
    Daria & Brad S.
    Bellingham, WA
  • "Very satisfied." Read Full Testimonial

    Ellen and Tom W. of Oak Harbor, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very satisfied. Professional, courteous, honest, thorough, and communicative. Both Kevin and David as well as Bryan and Peter were kind, considerate, on time, and professional. We were very pleased with all of them!
    Ellen and Tom W.
    Oak Harbor, WA
  • "Very satisfied. Kevin & Peter were professional, friendly, and hard working." Read Full Testimonial

    Sandy & Ed H. of Anacortes, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very satisfied. Kevin & Peter were professional, friendly, and hard working.
    Sandy & Ed H.
    Anacortes, WA

Peter Ajing from Rainy Day Basement Systems

Title: Certified Waterproofing Professional

Peter Ajing from Rainy Day Basement Systems

Peter joined the Rainy Day team in May 2017. He had previously earned a certificate in welding from North Dakota State College of Science and spent three years working in the construction and manufacturing industry. He is now an expert in “all things under the home” and has since become an integral member to the crew. Peter enjoys working with his hands and feels accomplished knowing that his work results in safer and healthier homes.

He is excited to apply his expertise on his own home, which he spends much of his free time working on. He is also an avid paintball and soccer fan. 

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Water, Mold and Spiders Invading Mount Vernon Crawl Space
    Water, Mold and Spiders Invading Mount Vernon Crawl Space

    The odors from their crawl space were giving David and Bonny R. headaches and making them feel ill. They reached out to Rainy Day, looking for a solution to their broken sump pump and leaking crawl space, as well as the problems that ensued such as water damage, mold, mildew, wood rot, rust, poor insulation and insect infestation.

    Mold and mildew love wet, warm and damp environments, making the before crawl space a hospitable home. The 13 wide-open vents around the crawl space allowed water and dirt in, providing a foundation for the mold and mildew to start, grow and spread.

    Bugs and other pests such as spiders like rotting materials like wood. As seen in the before picture, a large spider is making himself a cozy home next to the mold on the ceiling. There were spiders and eggs all over the crawl space, making matters worse.

    After cleaning out all the muck—rotting wood pieces, rocks, mold, webs, the old plastic liner—we leveled the uneven surfaces. Then, to solve the leaking, mold and odor issues, we installed a full drainage and encapsulation system.

    As seen in the after picture, we placed SilverGlo and CleanSpace on the walls after removing the mold and debris from the ceiling and pipes. Both SilverGlo and CleanSpace are durable, providing insulation for the crawl space, keeping condensation off the walls and creating a barrier from outside air, dirt, and pests. CleanSpace and SilverGlo are also inorganic, so they will never mold or rot. The heavy-duty white CleanSpace liner is flexible, puncture resistant and creates a healthy and welcoming crawl space.

    For more information and pictures on this project, view the photo album.

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