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  • By Sandy D.

    "Russ arrived shortly before his scheduled time of 3p was very efficient and found the problem with the pump immediately -- rocks..."

    Customer Review

    By Sandy D.

    Russ arrived shortly before his scheduled time of 3p was very efficient and found the problem with the pump immediately -- rocks and sand were stopping the pump from flushing

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  • "Last October was our “moment of truth” and I phoned your Arlington office. From the first phone..." Read Full Testimonial

    Mary Lou & David D. of Arlington, WA

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Mr. Malsch, Rainy Day Basement provides excellent service. But first there was pain – the pain of worry once we were aware of a leaking foundation and all the attenuating problems. Last October was our “moment of truth” and I phoned your Arlington office. From the first phone call until this past Tuesday, July 18th, every contact with your company has been professional, helpful, patient and empathetic. Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with leaking crawl spaces etc., so when it became an issue for us, I was overwhelmed. I knew it was serious and couldn’t be put on hold, but where to start? What would really fix the problem? Most importantly, who to trust? I knew I wanted a company that would complete the repair; I did not want to be the project supervisor. I found your website and gave you a call. The office staff was patient and empathetic. I felt as though she truly heard about my issue and, just as importantly, my worry. Next, Delano Berry made a thorough assessment, complete with photos and diagrams. He sat and explained repeatedly as I kept asking questions. In fact, after sleeping on the issue, I had more questions and he stopped by on a Sunday to meet with us again. He never pressured us. We decided to proceed, a start date was set (right before Christmas) and so it began. Each day the installers were here they never stopped working. When it was all done, I requested that someone come out and review the work. While our crawl space is 6-feet high, we don’t have stair access and I didn’t feel I could get down there. Besides, how would I know if work had been performed correctly. There was some lag tie as I searched for an electrician to complete the electrical part. Ki Electric was great, though busy, and we had to wait. Once that was completed, I again phoned to have someone verify that the electrical was in good order. And that is when I met Russ Dyer. What a guy! He came and made a thorough inspection of all the work done. While the electrical was good, he felt some of the original finish work was not quite as it should be. He spent two days “touching up” every little thing he felt needed attention. We so appreciated his determination to see the job done to completion. Finally, by late January everything was up and running. Unfortunately for me, the dehumidifier was located directly under our master bedroom and every time it ran, which is often at night, I could hear it grumble. Now that it’s July, I thought surely that thing won’t run so often, but I was mistaken. July 17th, I phoned and requested that someone come out and check that the dehumidifier was running correctly. Tuesday, Russ phoned to let me know when he would be out. Again, he doesn’t quit until the job is done and done well. After verifying that the dehumidifier was functioning properly, he moved it. While down there he also checked out the perimeter and found where rodents had chewed through the insulation material in 3 of the air gaps and he back filled those. That night I slept like a baby. This is a long letter, but without knowing the process from a customer’s perspective I don’t think you can appreciate the quality of work your staff performs. It was an expensive job, but we feel that our water issues have been handled. After this wettest of winters, all is dry! Yay us! Yay you! Sincerely, Mary Lou D.
    Mary Lou & David D.
    Arlington, WA

Russ Dyer from Rainy Day Basement Systems

Title: Service Technician

Russ Dyer from Rainy Day Basement Systems

Russ works in our service department and truly appreciates that the work he does to improve his customers health and their way of life. He conducts annual service calls for our valued customers and troubleshoots any problems that occur.

On weekends Russ enjoys racing his impressive collection of Formula 1 remote control cars. However, once football season kicks in, he enjoys taking a Sunday or two off to watch the Seahawks.

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Basement and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Sedro Woolley, WA
    Basement and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Sedro Woolley, WA

    This homeowner in Sedro Woolley, Washington had standing water in her basement and crawl space. Mold was creeping up the drywall in her basement stairwell, and the musty moldy odors were traveling to other areas of the house.

    After Karol was referred to Rainy Day Basement Systems by All American Contractor, we started on an action plan. CleanSpace was used to encapsulate the crawl space and wrap the basement stairwell to prevent moisture and mold growth. Drainage systems and sump pumps were also installed to effectively mitigate ongoing water issues.

    Because Karol’s home is built into a hill, water kept flowing down the hillside and into her basement and crawl space. To solve this issue, Rainy Day installed a WaterGuard system with a SuperSump pump in her basement and a drainage trench with a TripleSafe pump in her crawl space. The basement was also equipped with a SaniDry XP dehumidifier for moisture control.

    This before picture illustrates the pump system that was in Karol’s crawl space. The old pump did not address the problem like it was supposed to, resulting in pooling water and contributing to the existence of mold. As seen in the after picture, we installed a triple pump system called a TripleSafe that can pump up to 6,200 gallons of water per hour and has a battery backup system.

    In a follow-up meeting, Karol said she was very happy and that the system has been working great. She now has peace of mind and can rest easy.

    To view more before and after pictures from Karol’s installation, visit the photo album.

  • Sump Pump Service in Ferndale, WA
    Sump Pump Service in Ferndale, WA

    Every six months or so, clients have their products serviced to maintain them and keep them clean. This is an example of how much material can add up in that amount of time if the space isn't encapsulated, it also shows how Rainy Day leaves it after the service. If your sump looks similar, contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

  • Annual Sump Pump Service in Anacortes Crawl Space
    Annual Sump Pump Service in Anacortes Crawl Space

    Our service technician, Russ Dyer, maintains our clients’ sump pumps by completely deconstructing them and scrubbing it piece by piece. If your Sump Pump is in need of service, contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

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