Case Studies

Rainy Day Basement Systems Case Studies: SmartJack Installation in Bothell Crawl Space

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 by Chantele Machado


Ron and Nancy J. contacted Rainy Day back in 2014 mentioning how their house seemed to have moved a bit and they thought it may need more support. To our dismay, they chose to go with a different method. However, in 2016, we received a call back from Ron and Nancy. Their house seemed to have move even more and the floors above their crawl space were “flexing.”


Rainy Day Basement Systems had a great solution for Ron and Nancy’s sagging floors and unstable foundation, SmartJacks. The SmartJack is an adjustable, highly durable steel pier that is designed specifically to stop settling floors and even raise them back to where they began. This is accomplished by excavating a hole for each SmartJack. The base of the SmartJacks are placed level upon compacted gravel that fills each hole. While the compacted gravel prevents future settling, if more settling does occur the SmartJack can always be adjusted to compensate for the change.

To help prevent moisture from reaching the space, we installed our 6 mil. black vapor barrier to replace their previous one which was in pieces. It also gives the homeowner a cleaner surface to move on if and when they need to access their crawl space.

Ron and Nancy now have flat and firm floors to walk on and no longer have to worry about a settling foundation.