Case Studies

Rainy Day Basement Systems Case Studies: Sinking Foundation in Monroe Home

Friday, May 20th, 2016 by Chantele Machado


Tom and Karen W. contacted Rainy Day Basement Systems because the foundation of their Monroe home was sinking. The water coming down from their gutters was being deposited directly along the foundation of the house, displacing the ground below. Because of the sagging below the home, a substantial crack had developed in Tom and Karen’s garage floor. Rainy Day was brought in to repair the garage floor slab, foundation and help steer water away from the home to prevent further damage to the foundation.


Rainy Day Basement Systems installed Eight Foundation Supportworks Push Piers, they are made from highly-durable round steel tube sections and a load transfer bracket to stabilize and lift this type of sinking foundation. The foundation bracket is secured against the existing footing and pier sections are pushed hydraulically through the foundation bracket and into the ground below using a combination of the structural weight and any contributory soil load as resistance. They removed the area of concrete floor that was damaged and replaced it with a 10’ x 22’ slab of concrete, giving the floor a seamless look with zero cracks. To guide water coming from Tom and Karen’s gutters and downspouts away from their home, Rainy Day installed nine LawnScape extensions. These ensure that the water reaches a safe distance away from the house before absorbing into the ground below.

Rainy Day is happy they could help Tom and Karen out with their sinking foundation complications.